I Vote for NONE of the main parties - Who is votable for though truly?

We now find ourselves not at the stage of trying to raise even more awareness of excess de...

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Stories behind the podcasts -In Interview Around the World

Over the last 3 years I've been fortunate enough to speak to many amazing people who've sh...

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From humble beginnings we become strong

The World Unites

With all Campaigns there is always something that triggered the action, in this case the i...

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The Great 2024 pushback - It’s Our time to shine

It's Time To Unite For Change

In an ever changing media landscape of stories once thought too outlandish and wild to be ...

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Patient Webinar Nov 2022 - Convincing the public that “we” care

 A patient Webinar carried out after the MHRA Board meeting the end of Nov 2022 and w...

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Andrew Bridgen vs Midazolam Matt - Defamation, a Step Too Far

So, Friday 1st March saw finally Andrew getting his day in court against the shocking char...

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Bill Gates - Depopulation Agenda 101

There are so many treacherous people in the world who have basically sold out mankind for ...

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Midazolam Murders - Breathtaking, Literally

By now, most reading my articles know of my Mother's murder by lethal protocols in hospita...

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The "Green Energy" Agenda - Otherwise known as My Car Don’t Go

The idea that EV's should be the "green" replacement to "fossil" fuelled vehicles is utter...

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Matt Hancock - Stalking & Harassment case Westminster Magistrates Court - November 23rd - 2023

Through wanting to have mum represented at a case involving Hancock, who was responsible a...

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Andrew Bridgen - Excess Deaths Debate January 16th 2024

The full 90 minute excess deaths debate this morning called by Andrew Bridgen and one that...

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A Spiritual War - We’ve Already Won

Through government-sponsored nudge-units, so much of the public was made to fear viral har...

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The State of the Nation - Rich are Richer, Poorer are Poorer

Thinking back to the last few years, I still feel humbled how we were so nearly like Franc...

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Heartbreaking Tragedy Unfolds: Mother's Neglect and Untimely Demise Revealed in Shocking Medical Records

NHS Are Euthanasing Elderly & Vulnerable WITHOUT CONSENT!

In a harrowing personal account, grieving son Wayne Cunnington recounts the horrific ordea...

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A Bud-light in the Magic Kingdom - Go Broke Already

The Investment banks pushing through the inclusivity targets as part of the ESG goals are ...

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First Do No Harm - Unless the Government tells you to do otherwise

Can you believe that all we've all been shouting out about for over 2 years now are being ...

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Parliamentary Justice - A Room Full of Murders

After fighting for a number of years to gain some sort of justice for Mum which stemmed fr...

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A serious case of back-pedalling - What’s the narrative now?

After the last 3 years of fear mongering, coercion and bullying people to lock down, wear ...

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A “Fair & Effective” Government - So say Ofcom

There's no doubting Penny Mordaunt's priorities since it was revealed that not only is she...

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My Truth’s were Heard - Yet The Media didn’t hear

After getting Mum's confirmation of an unnatural death and engaging a solicitor to make th...

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Political winds are swirling - Vive Le Revolution!

In the light of local elections that have just shown the political ruling class that they ...

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The Great Awakening - Pushing Back from Harms

Imagine controlling the world with every tweet or social med post until "they" shut down a...

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Truth Be Told - The Winds of Change - The Momentum is Building

So, another protest bringing large parts of London to a standstill passed us by without co...

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A Bridge Too Far - Andrew’s Last Stand and the Hill he’s prepared to Die on

There have been a few dissenting voices in parliament but sadly the length of time they've...

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A Fight for Mum - We will be heard

We all have our own cross to bear. It really hasn't been easy finding a way to process wha...

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Culpability of Coercive Acts - Pure lies, but ok why not if you’re paying

Can you imagine a government so evil it would "permit" the legacy media to spout dangerous...

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Vaccine Damage Payment System - Otherwise known as getting blood out of a stone

Thinking for one moment if you were ever harmed by a product billed as safe and effective ...

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A Delve into the Steyn on-line archives Or a Tale of 2 Halves

Mark Steyn has been attacking the negative changes to peoples way of life for years now i'...

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Musings & an Online record

And so it would go something like this…..Hello my name is Wayne, and this is my last will ...

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An Evening of Dissent with the Conservative Woman

A few months ago I decided to try and do more and be present at events again that spoke ou...

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