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With all Campaigns there is always something that triggered the action, in this case the injuries and deaths by Covid vaccines and the actions then taken to better inform others, the fight for treatments to help and societal changes needed to bring about a more responsible government and pharmaceutical industries in ensuring public safety over profits made.

I found myself thrust into the spotlight of all this fairly quickly, although admittedly being reluctant previous to this of wanting to be seen and after my AstraZeneca injury 22/2/21 by way of a video I posted upon being discharged from hospital late March of that same year to try and save others being so badly affected by the exposure of their body to these shocking and literal poisons.

Through some amazing friends I was then catapulted from obscurity with a small following up to one with around 7,000 connections of well-wishers, other vaccine injured and the floods of Trolls out to stop the flow of anti-narrative content that quickly became apparent as a well-organised assault on free speech and the better informing of others but to the extent that it involved government agency's of which only becoming apparent much later through others Freedom of Information requests and Congressional hearings at which such unbelievable details were exposed.

Who could've imagined that secret meetings were being held between governments and the heads of Social Media as well as the Deep State to control the flow of information that was labelled heavily as Misinformation by all and sundry and to even mention the chances of something occurring after vaccination got you marked down as a conspiracy theorist.

I got contacted by a U.S. vaccine injured help group called No More Silence mid 2021 that was attempting to provide some basic help to others affected by the Covid vaccines who were abandoned much like myself by "healthcare" that we "bizarrely" enough thought were there to actually help you get better but were sadly proven to be under great pressure themselves to protect the government's narrative to ensure that nothing harmed the vaccine rollouts which is incredible to think of the drive to ensure profits over the harms they were surely seeing.

I initially didn't realise the full extent of this until much later such was the organised media censorship of stories of harms and death occurring and so took part in video campaigns to raise awareness amongst the lawmakers in U.S. states so that we may be heard and believed that also featured a few other dozen or so injured as a plea for help from anyone because we felt abandoned by pretty much everyone else within those branches of investigative journalism that used to fight against injustice.

Around this time I heard of Real Not Rare, a vaccine injured group launched by many of those who'd been in the NMS group also but such is the way of things of others thinking they can do better, I provided some videos to this campaign also because you just have to support causes such as this to drive change as you never know what may make that definitive blow.

Little did we all know that this would lead to several of these amazing people then appearing on Del BigTree's HighWire show, sharing their stories of shocking loss after their vaccine injury when the hospitals that employed them then basically firing them, and what would later become the D.C. Mandates event held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, made up of a large group of U.S. Drs all speaking out on vaccine harms, a large group of injured victims including Maddie DeGaray, Stacee Marie, Brianne Dressen and others, and all cheered on by Five Times August in song.

It's over 2 years since that momentous occasion that saw so many friends pour their heart out in front of hundreds of thousands of Americans in D.C. there to witness history unfolding through the shocking lies pushed by Fauci, Bill Gates, Rochelle Wallinsky, Alfred Bourla and so many more that prolonged the vaccine harms being committed on a Nation by the military-force levels of censorship in the Media and yet though there's been countless hearings headed up by Senator Ron Johnson within his roundtable discussions featuring many of those injured and bereaved and impartial well-respected Drs trying to tell the truths against cancellation by their medical regulators, the battle continued with others taking up the reigns.

Congressional hearings headed up by Senator Rand Paul with Fauci in the hot-seat and the same toxic villain forced to give a sworn affidavit which lasted a whole day that even though backed up by private e-mails showing his complicity in Gain-of-function tests at Wuhan after Obama himself forced these disgusting experiments to be held out of the U.S. when he was in office, he seems to be coated in the same teflon coating our own Tony Blair has in escaping crimes when so much exists to try and then convict them of heinous acts.

One thing to be made clear is the individual fight by so many others in the same position as me in doing all they could to highlight vaccine harms also whether by physical protests in towns and cities all over the world, podcasts and other interviews held by those with large followings to better spread the message and daily interactions on social media to appeal to the public directly which believe me, isn't very easy to do when so many have suffered so badly, physically and mentally, they should all be championed so amazingly for their strength of spirit.

Backing up a little bit in time to the WorldWideFreedom protests around the world that had been occurring all through the 2020 lockdowns protesting about the curtailing of liberties which i wasn't aware of until i'd been injured, then merged into another movement to recognise the injured and bereaved also that saw at their peak in 2021 numbers assessed at 2-3 Million snaking their way around inner London and viewed from on-the-ground video recordings looking like a continuous mass of humanity determined to make a stand against all who wanted to push such harmful & authoritarian controls on civilisation.

Late 2021 i attended my first of these events that although started off as precursor to a march featuring many guest speakers including Charlotte Wright who'd lost her husband Stephen to his Astrazeneca back in Jan, Reiner Fulmich speaking by video and with music too, the first time seeing so many thousands of people all coming out to make a stand i found quite powerful a movement and although i wasn't well, i was determined to make a stand on behalf of all those others who couldn't be there as you can't expect change if you don't appear and do what you can to make a difference.

In the current movement i made one further attendance which was late Summer 2022 and bearing in mind these protests had seen regular attendance of thousands of ordinary folk coming out onto the streets to do all they could to make the world wake up to threats their government & media posed to their health and way of life it was well attended again and i joined up with Charlotte Wright and Melissa, who's Mark Steyn's producer who filmed parts of the procession of bodies against the kettling by London's "finest" from Buckingham Palace to Hyde Park by way of Kensington, which took an interesting and well thought decision to better inform a part of high society that would generally have missed previous events and not be aware of humanity's battle.

Interestingly, at the same time London was coming out en masse there were also massive protests also being seen in the U.S. ,Australia, New Zealand, France to name but a few trying to warn the public about not only pharmaceutical harm but the very serious threats being waged to the sovereignty of a nation by way of The World Economic Forum and World Health Organisation literally pushing their manifesto's at their latest Davos and COP meetings such is their blatant and certain victory over the people but with the success of the push-back efforts with placards warning of perils it has seen their worry's at not being listened to by the public in more recent ones and a concerted effort made to win the public over bizarrely.

To make a more focus based approach on Vaccine harms an off-shoot of the protest was labelled Truth Be Told and led once again by Fiona, a mysterious 'rebel' in our midst intent on speaking out on injustices these last few years and did succeed in giving these voices a platform to speak and be seen in front of thousands of people in front of the BBC studious quite famously and ending other marches there to shower red roses in front of the building to indicate lives lost to the medias shocking censorship of the then very obvious harms seen and at least did encourage other more local protests to speak more loudly which i did see personally in Leicester's Tribe on Saturday's and which continues to this day albeit less often.

After a few successful and courageous events to keep driving home the message that extended into those with loved ones lost to NG163 the Midazolam & Morphine cocktail that saw events at Trafalgar Square, Downing Street, marches along by the Thames and through Central London again with this one late 2023 from Hyde Park on a beautiful blue day, featuring many MP's, independent journalists, musicians and cancelled Drs and public figures it was decided that this was to be the last one because of the successes seen and weariness by the public in coming out to make a stand when little was seen to be being done in government but who knows, stranger things have happened.

Whilst the battles to get those guilty of crimes against humanity seem to be slowing, because how many times can you keep stating about the barbaric acts committed and trying to get political representatives to then take action, for your PM or President or otherwise political head then obfuscate and hide the very obvious harms seen with appearances of them spouting as in Rishi Sunak's case "Vaccines are safe, unequivocally" to a question in the british parliament or attempting to shut down a vaccine injured who put him on the spot on a tv show with a deftly side-swiping the issue of "i can't possibly comment on your personal experience" there are massive numbers of worldwide legal cases being launched against the pharmaceutical industry now.

Andrew Bridgen speaking courageously and steadfastly after being thrown out of the Conservative party, on Vaccine injury harms and worldwide excess deaths totals has made such a difference the last few years and the gains can't i think have been made without his contribution, to debates finally being awarded after dozens of applications to private meetings in parliament featuring many esteemed Drs and Impartial experts has seen a huge shift in how the government discusses the subjects, even though Penny Mordaunt often still attacks his questions in the house with a spurious conspiracy slant i think we are getting close to changing history.

With Rishi himself stating that you could now sue Big Pharma over vaccine injuries in 2023 which immediately flew in the face of his constant bolstering of the "safe & effective" narrative, possibly because he knew of the massive funds needed to be in place for a case to be heard at the High Court which according to Peter Todd, who's heading up a VITT claim for Hausfeld Solicitors against AstraZeneca over blood clots seen through their vaccines, and strangely enough which saw their eventual removal from market for although never publicly apologising for, and totalling £100 Million which is why so many of these firms are now taking on Class-Action style cases.

And whilst this is only one of dozens of actions worldwide, it only takes one of those to succeed for the floodgates to be opened on every other which is i think is very close to happening now and giving so many millions of people around the world some much needed hope after around 4 years of hell perpetrated on them by once trusted governments, media, pharmaceutical industries and so many more in "healthcare" who all abandoned their Oath 'To do no harm.'

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