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Vaccine Damage Payment System - Otherwise known as getting blood out of a stone

Thinking for one moment if you were ever harmed by a product billed as safe and effective but has proved continually over the last few years as anything but, you'd have a safety-line to help you through the long road ahead or for your family to help pick up the pieces because you sadly died.

I guarantee, that if anyone of those injured and bereaved by these toxic vaccines had been better informed of potential risks including the total lack of care by government departments, medical institutions and a ridiculous system of compensation coming off the back of a Yellow card report to the governments health watchdog MHRA, nobody would've subscribed to the lies and coercive actions by so many and actually had it.

As has been printed in several tabloids at the time of writing, reports of so many vaccine injured are being refused the compensation on offer for various reasons from a lack of causality proof to not reaching the minimum 60% disability threshold regardless of the harms to health the injured have been afflicted with.

To date around 400 people have been refused the sum of money offered including myself regardless of the fact you can no longer work or enjoy all the things you once took for granted like enjoying a stroll around your local park, going for a run or that dreaded "E" for exercise that strikes a fear into so many.

Rather weirdly, the MHRA who are the safety governing body for all U.K. vaccines and treatments receive 85% of their funding from the pharmaceutical industry and the Sum declared by them in recent live-streamed business meetings seems to fluctuate from time to time whether that means they want more money for the lies they're going to declare for known harms on products is something else although they have stated repeatedly that they act with total "impartially".

"Just because we're paid large Sums of money does not guarantee a favourable outcome" they've stated in replies to many, yet if they don't refuse permissions or offer any proof of ongoing monitoring of safety signals to protect the public as they claim, just then how do we know?

Just recently it's being highlighted once again that the MHRA aren't standing by their promise to looking after those negatively affected by their treatments by removing yellow card reports from the system which they also confessed to in the same business meeting "because they skewed the data".

They couldn't have their "champagne lunches" because we were all causing such an inconvenience to their results, whereas remembering for a minute that the deaths and injury's resulted from something that's now been proved as unsafe & ineffective but declared as Safe by them originally.

So, there you have it, their narrative was already written but unfortunately we the injured and bereaved raised our heads above the parapet to be heard and proved an embarrassment to their "tightly run ship" and any indications that they were running Titanic-like are totally unfounded, right.

So where does that leave us all now, either with definite proof of a link to a vaccine causing harms or not, being able to return to fully enriched lives and possibly shortened life-spans we're now left up the proverbial shit creek without a paddle.

Rishi Sunak in the globalist coup-led prime-ministerial position he's been given, announcing in the House of Commons recently that the "Rare cases of those affected by their vaccine will be able to apply for VDPS and now litigate the pharmaceutical company's that supplied the poison in the first place."

What a complete about-turn from a government that wasn't allowed to be supplied with the vaccine's in the first place by pharma unless it provided indemnification from prosecution to them in the first place now seemingly "throwing them under the bus".

What changed there? Is it a case of declaring that "we just didn't know they were un-safe" and trying to find that ultimate get-out clause to escape the coming storm of condemnation and hopeful prosecutions or was it part of the plan all along knowing full-well Pharma's history of settling up compensation claims many years later once most of those originally affected have sadly passed perhaps.

Sadly it isn't that easy to prosecute an entity earning Billions but with class-actions appearing rapidly now that Baroness Hallet was appointed to oversee the government enquiry into vaccines and the covid response, it effectively gave the green light for barristers to then being appointed by legal firms but time will tell.

The major hurdles in this firstly will be getting the test cases rolled out that have so many documents linking injury's and deaths to gain the all important traction to a class-action but we are already seeing this now luckily so we just have to wait for the government enquiry to finish its modules this year that will present all witness evidence entered and deliberations made.

The 2nd hurdle will be those suffering life changing injury's sadly not making it through the next few years from autoimmune disease because realistically this is how long it could all take now to get to that stage of compensation being offered by Pharma.

Surely you'd think a company would aim to be reputable and provide safe, reliable products to a public yet so many times we're seeing known harms being presented early in data releases like with Pfizers document-reveal out of a requested 75 year seal and being forced into the public domain by a judge-order led by the legal group ICAN.

Imagine actually knowing deaths and injury's will occur from your products but out of a mis-placed loyalty to your shareholders and caring more for the billions of dollars & pounds profit that you will make you'd willingly sacrifice an unsuspecting public for the short-term gain but accept you'll pay a smaller fee in damages at a later date and without ever being held Criminally responsible.

How did we get to such an evil place that there'd be proven culpability to deaths and injuries for "treatments" yet there'd be no legal statute put in place to ensure there'd be justice for the innocents. What happened to duty of care?

Maybe at some point, now that the U.S. political winds of change are bringing a safer and fairer promise of truth to the masses we'll see those evil-doers brought to Justice and actually facing up to a harsher reality rather than something offered up for so many years that's equivalent to that at a fantasy theme park.
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