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Matt Hancock - Stalking & Harassment case Westminster Magistrates Court - November 23rd - 2023


Through wanting to have mum represented at a case involving Hancock, who was responsible as Health Minister at the time of Mum's death for the purchasing of the lethal protocols that killed her and the sickening guideline of removing the elderly from wards to free up space for the Covid virus supposedly over-running hospitals I attended this hearing along with a large number of others who'd also lost loved ones the same way.

The rigorous security checks and over-zealous actions to remove t shirts worn by us all and banners displaying deaths by Midazolam had to be confiscated before admittance because they didn't want the trial to be swayed "unfairly" but without an actual Jury sitting i later realised was a little over-the-top, but it was a small price to pay to hopefully see justice be done i thought.

A fairly busy courtroom with around 40 people anticipating seeing Hankcock squirm on the witness stand we were packed into a fairly small room and so had a much closer view of proceedings than expected with and seeing him pass just feet away from me.

From the off it proved an interesting opening by the judge admitting no knowledge whatsoever of the case either from experience or from written material which was incredible bearing in mind this was the 2nd time the accused was before the court yet it was such poorly supported and didn't bode well for justice to be done i thought.

After seeing Hancock grandstand his opinions on trial procedure repeatedly and telling the judge how he should be running the case, it didn't go down well and for which he did get berated for, but they way he would lie his way through his testimony and cross examination with a thinly veiled barb on the defence barristers good name was shocking.

Although warned to not react in any way to comments made during the trial it of course wasn't easy seeing such arrogance by Hancock performing and displaying his horror at being "stalked and harassed" through London's underground and his accusation of nearly falling down the escalator from an "assault" at the foot of it which clearly didn't add up, we did get a warning from the judge.

Hancock stated he stopped at the top of an escalator to "resolve the situation" but stated he was being "pushed from behind, "Obviously I was extremely worried at this time, If I had lost my balance at this point, I would have tumbled down the escalator."

When security camera footage clearly displaying Hancock deliberately stopping so that the accused would bump into him blew his accusations out of the water but what made me bring up a valid point to the accused later, was that although being "scared" for his life travelling down the escalator, he never once placed his hands on the rail which even the tannoy announcements advise customers to do.

Also shown was video from the previous altercation with the accused showing Hancock walking on London streets and heading towards Downing Street and after a few pleasantries it quickly moved onto him being barraged with questions about being a midazolam murderer and how did he feel about all the loved ones he'd been party to dying because of these lethal protocols pushed by him.

"I can't recall a time when i felt as intimidated as this" Hancock related, when pursued through London streets, "I felt like i needed to get to a place of safety, he was being completely unreasonable."

"I had a pretty good impression he was taken over by these ridiculous conspiracy theories," he stated in reference to comments about vaccine injury's and midazolam murders prompting further murmers from those assembled.

Once Hancock had given his evidence and cross examination I really had no appetite for hearing more so mid-afternoon I and several others left the proceedings somehow knowing that the judge was going to be onside and that the right decision wasn't going to be made and by no surprise once the underground witnesses had presented their evidence the following day also, the case did eventually go against the accused sadly.

The Judge said in his closing statements that the accused had deliberately committed a crime in order to spark a court case so that Hancock would be a key witness and then have to appear.

"It's clear he wanted his day in court to question Mr Hancock about the Covid response, and intended to use unlawful methods so he would be prosecuted and achieve his aim to cross-examine Mr Hancock in court."

So, Matt Hancock was free to walk another day with further actions by anyone else taking a similar stance not being acceptable which is disgusting when you think that with the media not asking the "difficult" questions and given the rare chance by an independent media to do so they chose to talk about CBDC's instead which i admit to being absolutely ridiculous and a real copout, how do we go about getting justice finally?

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