It Is Time To Rethink The Way The UK Is Run And Who Is In Charge!

 Do you realise how damning that statistic is? We don't trust the people WE employ to...

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I Vote for NONE of the main parties - Who is votable for though truly?

We now find ourselves not at the stage of trying to raise even more awareness of excess de...

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NO NOT THEM, US. Its time to stand up and shake off the 'nothing can be done' 'things won't change' way of thinking!

These people aren't stupid, they have managed to line their own pockets while at the same ...

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We believe that the two-party system has long had its day and it is time for a change!

GOVERNMENT CV HIGHLIGHTS: In 1979 the British public owned, ALL of its utilities, Gas, Wat...

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A Coalition Of Independents - Just 650 Candidates Needed. Are You One Of Them?

 We don't presently have a government in the UK and we don't have local authorities. ...

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If Sunak Or Starmer Applied For A Job In Your Country, Would You Employ Them?

It's a simple question. Knowing of them, what you know, if they applied for a job in your ...

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The Great 2024 pushback - It’s Our time to shine

In an ever changing media landscape of stories once thought too outlandish and wild to be ...

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Pretty Much Everything Is Broken In The UK

 The health system, the education system, local amenities, social housing, the roads,...

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The Party Is Over.

The Party is over - imagine a parliament comprised of 650 truly independent M.P's? Our pol...

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The Courage of Your Convictions


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Andrew Bridgen vs Midazolam Matt - Defamation, a Step Too Far

So, Friday 1st March saw finally Andrew getting his day in court against the shocking char...

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Andrew Bridgen - Excess Deaths Debate January 16th 2024

The full 90 minute excess deaths debate this morning called by Andrew Bridgen and one that...

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A Spiritual War - We’ve Already Won

Through government-sponsored nudge-units, so much of the public was made to fear viral har...

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The State of the Nation - Rich are Richer, Poorer are Poorer

Thinking back to the last few years, I still feel humbled how we were so nearly like Franc...

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Parliamentary Justice - A Room Full of Murders

After fighting for a number of years to gain some sort of justice for Mum which stemmed fr...

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A serious case of back-pedalling - What’s the narrative now?

After the last 3 years of fear mongering, coercion and bullying people to lock down, wear ...

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A “Fair & Effective” Government - So say Ofcom

There's no doubting Penny Mordaunt's priorities since it was revealed that not only is she...

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Political winds are swirling - Vive Le Revolution!

In the light of local elections that have just shown the political ruling class that they ...

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A Bridge Too Far - Andrew’s Last Stand and the Hill he’s prepared to Die on

There have been a few dissenting voices in parliament but sadly the length of time they've...

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Labour's Shocking Decision To Abandon Social Care Pledges: Why It's Time For The Public To Take Action!

If anyone was naively harbouring the hope that once in power, Labour would be bold, brave ...

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Join The Reclaim Party Revolution & Support Andrew Bridgen

Andrew Bridgen has joined The Reclaim Party and will be standing at the next election! And...

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