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Political winds are swirling - Vive Le Revolution!


In the light of local elections that have just shown the political ruling class that they are now massively unpopular and face an even bigger drubbing in 2024 at the general election it drove me to look at how out of touch they truly are.

I'd been disgusted with some of the MP's in government that seemed to make all the right noises before the last few years but since have fallen in line awaiting their "bribe" rather than stand up for those put them there.

Even my own MP Philip Hollobone who really made a difference for me the last couple of years even on a rating of 5 out of 10, has sadly shown his true cowardly colours the past few weeks without even a response to me whereas he's always replied within hours even if it was occasionally touching on sarcasm.

I used to think Esther McVey and a few others also stood with Bridgen & Chope because they supported his Vaccine injured fight but they've recently voted en masse with Mordaunt etc on "unpopular" policies like holding Water companies to account over pollution recently and are now showing their lack of impartiality sadly.

I've often thought there must be more to the decisions people make and not just politicians, and rather than just money being the controlling factor but favours or coercion because of things they've been caught doing maybe?

But what do we do about the politicians that no longer hold the publics best interests at heart even though we put them in power, we certainly need a better system than the 1922 Committee currently to actually hold them to account.

Taking into account Andrew Bridgen's constant battles in the HOC where he's requested a highlighting of the excess weekly deaths in the U.K. where they staggeringly reached a few months ago to around 3,000 people.

For last year alone there were 56,000 excess deaths, but who will stand up and ask those "awkward" questions in the Media because our politicians certainly won't and as it's a worldwide issue it would take a major breaking of the narrative to do so.

What isn't taken into account is the actual death figures that are taken as acceptable before the excess figures come into effect and whilst people die every day I feel they're just disregarded data.

Yet even any of this wasn't enough for Penny Mordaunt and others to acknowledge as a serious enough fact to act on and so decided to assassinate his character further and what's led to his permanent expulsion from the party at the time of writing.

Andrew became an inconvenience to the narrative and so they decided he had to go and it isn't right as he was one of the few speaking out and making a difference but we need to stand behind him on this and push back against this globalist led government that would have us live in fear.

On a recent Media attack on his character and offered live debate with the author I wonder about the actual impartiality part as the hit piece was shocking and there's no coming back for someone slating a good name as part of a government sponsored act as proven by the lack of media narrative attacks the past few years but fortunately it has proved me correct in my assumption and he fortunately saw them off repeatedly.

Trust is a big word.

Most of the politicians have facilitated an aspect of the last 3 years and I don't confess to knowing all of what they individually pushed or coerced during "covid" but for that they will be judged in time but those driving change now should be lauded as it's this that'll stop the rot continuing.

We the electorate put the government in power and can easily remove it at the general elections in 2024 but as proven with the recent local ones, who do we vote for as Labour seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet and actually pushed for harder, tougher restrictions in the plandemic.

These are dark times we find ourselves in now.

Everyone is accountable for their actions in either stopping further government controls like the Bill to hand the WHO control of our pandemic responses, destroying towns and counties with ULEZ and illegalising the act of protesting in effect removing it as a basis of freespeech etc, proving yet again that our government really isn't on the side of the people they govern.

The public never voted on this which is a shocking betrayal by those in parliament not looking after the electorate but it only goes to prove it was a globalist led coup to install controls by the backdoor after they weren't able to control the public more during the plandemic i feel.

We already know there's a government funded media and all anti-narrative has been attempted to be quelled by psy ops teams the last few years by Klaus Schwab of the WEF who has stated many times at Davos that they have teams of thousands of people ready to push their narrative and stop dissent.

So, where do we go from here though? The French have decided it's all out action to show Macron they won't lie down and will I think end up in a full revolution going by videos of the past month alone, but have the British an appetite for such a strong display of anger?

When a big enough cause has inflamed the public to make a stand in the past we've seen crowds of thousands of people coming out onto the streets, and even the anti-lockdown and anti-mandate protests of 2021/2022 brought out massive numbers of people and even up to 1-2 Million mark trying to make their voices heard.

Questions over the nationality of the Militia on the ground in France prompted an interesting thought as there was a video i shared recently of a guy taunting crowds and getting hit by an object but he was bouncing on the balls of his feet, in no way typical of a normal soldier or police and many locals have been spoken to in foreign languages by them.

And then this seemingly lays evidence of thoughts that migrants of "fighting age" that have been allowed to swarm over shores and borders worldwide are actually in effect ready to take up arms in "defence" roles but without those strict controls in place over protecting and serving.

Just a few days ago the French began their May Day month of actions but the beating indiscriminately of bystanders by Macron's Militia's batons and standing on those they crush was so "brave" wasn't it and not so dissimilar to the Canadians Freedom Rally's in 2022, what do their loved ones think of their actions???

For the month of May there is a drive to occupy all public places en masse to drive home the fact that they will not be cowed by Macron's ever-increasing authoritarian controls over the last few years which we too experienced here also.

Sadly these animals, masquerading as police are paid to do whatever actions they're bid so I wouldn't believe they have any beliefs of protecting & serving as the traditional and quaint gendarmerie's once did, sadly there's a narrative to protect and that's all.

So many shocking videos by independent journalists are revealing that to even try to help your fellow man who's shockingly been beaten to the ground and a police dog trying to rip his arm off and you'll get beaten too proves it isn't policing, when did they switch from caring for the public to beating the life out of them??

In the months leading up this renewed series of actions, there have been lovely big peaceful crowds wishing to give a warm welcome to Macron and his cronies should they rear their ugly heads as he should not be in office for inciting his people to battle back so much against his brutalist controls.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2024