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First Do No Harm - Unless the Government tells you to do otherwise


Can you believe that all we've all been shouting out about for over 2 years now are being hastily pushed out to the media to create a new narrative that we are all now expected to get behind as if none of the censorship and lies from so many existed previously, so isn't it so fortunate that people have good memories and the way-back-machine is there to uncover those "inconvenient" deletions that the "embarrassed" can pay to have deleted from internet servers.

An "alarm" of official high deaths cases in Vaccine patients is now being seen in not just government data but worldwide news reports meaning that should the MHRA have been doing it's job and monitored safety signals it would've been all over the deaths & injury's years ago and all those not still not speaking out over 2 years later are culpable of so much that criminal charges at a bare minimum should be on the table.

Bearing in mind Boris's forced resignation recently and the result of the investigation that found him overwhelmingly guilty of lying to the government and the public over Covid rule breaking, my observation is that he was nothing but a conman, he lined his pockets and knowingly lied to the public over supposed health risks that led to thousands being left injured and bereaved.

Quite simply, if he and his ilk hadn't pushed a toxic vaccine on a nation, damaged its economy through lies and corruption, put undue financial and psychological pressure on so many the country would've been so much better off but now what true cost to humanity did his like wreak and who will ultimately pay for it?

Recently the Hart group made an interesting finding that it is actually those vaccinated suffering the most illness now and not what governments and health experts have been trying to state as the other way round, but didn't we already know that for so long.

There are a large number of legal firms now with class action cases building in strength against the pharmaceutical company's guilty of pushing dangerous products on the populace and with Robert F Kennedy's history of successful litigation claims against pharma for example I'd say we have a great chance of gaining traction bearing in mind several media are now openly reporting on the censorship of social media by secret units in government and it's spying agency's.

It doesn't seem like we'll get justice for the harmful lies that ended up being responsible for the deaths and injury's of millions of people worldwide from Covid Vaccines until we get someone stronger back as President like Robert F Kennedy Jr because for all of Donald Trump's promises, he was actually there at the heart of it all going wrong a few years ago which is our problem here in the U.K. with the Conservatives and the Labour party both being heavily tainted.

Over the last few months i've seen an increasing number of international legal cases against pharmaceutical company's happening with one in Australia and another recently involving BIONTECH in a lawsuit which was starting today in Hamburg of a german woman who is seeking damages for alleged side effects she suffered, the first of potentially hundreds of cases in the country.

I'm really heartened by seeing these story's finally making waves but it's so frustrating when the media always seem to write them up as dozens or as in this cases hundreds of cases when you know the true figure is nearer thousands but i'm still angry that social media heads like Zuckerberg have been trying to weasel their way out of blame for their collusion over government sanctioned censorship in the first place.

Sadly, he did as he was told and was paid very handsomely for it also yet never thought to question anything, which i saw him stating recently and even when those renowned Drs who were challenging the official government narrative over discrepancies in the 'science' should've proved worthy of at least being able to be so but this is what happens when the pharma-funded have a narrative to drive even though it makes no sense to others.

Knowing what we now know about the Condemic, it's been revealed that many politicians and families made a mint as covid spending in the U.K. was £310-410 Billion its been estimated on the governments own website but i could easily believe it's far worse than that with how honesty and fairplay doesn't appear to be one of the mainstays of politics and in light of this a new Biothreat "Radar" system is being set up to help future plandemics costing £1.5 billion a year.

All the treacherous b*stards who voted for Covid certification passes during Covid should be remembered, for you should always know thy enemy well for future Plandemics bearing in mind the WHO's Treaty bill still working its way through parliament as under the same circumstances I'm sure so many would vote exactly the same.

What i don't think currently is a coincidence is that Rats are leaving a sinking ship with so many MP's worldwide moving on from their exalted and often protected positions in power because they see the tide is turning and spending any longer remaining where they are will see them brought to book i feel with forthcoming investigations such as the Covid Inquiry still frustratingly building it's way up to steam.

I was really impressed a few days ago when Baroness Hallett who's chairing the hearing actually called into question the role of DNR's put on the elderly in hospitals during the plandemic and whether anything nefarious went on which is the crux of the fight of so many thousands of loved ones to which Andrew Bridgen has been highlighting recently but it's rather interesting that the question's being asked over what we all knew existed but will they seriously investigate and take action when they have a habit of covering up "inconveniences" to the narrative.

Who'd have thought just a few years ago the government and "healthcare" could conspire to kill and maim but also lay a paper trail that supposedly absolved them of blame but in their own eyes does exactly that because where have you seen anyone taking the blame for the thousands of deaths so far?

And in the decades before this we had the Liverpool Care Pathway Act doing exactly the same thing which the government were called to action over and stated that it was something that was shocking and would be removed yet even though the BBC's Panorama did a documentary on it, it has remained in use today although by another name NG163 Protocol.

Hospitals state they have the deciding factor over family members "health" regardless of wishes sadly, regardless of the arguments that ensue but what i'm hearing more and more from affected families is that through Court Orders and seeking the assistance of legal teams they could then remove these protocols during the whole lockdown period when you couldn't easily gain access to wards.

Indeed, lockdowns gave abilities to do away with whoever they wished away from their families sight, through hospitals using a points system for co-morbidities that it was murder of the innocents and because they have a document stating it was "normal procedure" its all "legal" in their eyes

Care, something sadly lacking by many in doling out these lethal protocols on a whim but i'm wondering who exactly it is within the Care setting that gets to decide who dies and who doesn't on a weekly basis.

Our families should've been safe in a medical setting, sadly they weren't.

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