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An Evening of Dissent with the Conservative Woman


A few months ago I decided to try and do more and be present at events again that spoke out against medical harms done to so many through the vaccine roll-out and support those strong enough to relate their stories to large crowds.

And so an evening of dissent hosted by GB News Mark Dolan that I saw advertised a few months ago sounded really promising and thinking that looking back it was maybe one of those nights that you just had to be present at.

By chance it also turned out to be a perfect opportunity to meet up with an old friend Jules Serkin that's also Vaccine injured and who I met through our shared social media battles in 2021 but had never met in real life until that afternoon.

Another afternoon of firsts was my using the underground again for the first tme since my injury 2 years ago which was doesn't sound like a lot for most but i've struggled with processing thoughts at times and so being able to look at routes and stops with the unexpected changes due to cancellations and incidents on the line being a must and with the unexpected problems with my return journey later that evening it was probbly just the right time to go venturing again below ground.

What a surreal meeting that was after chatting through social media in one form or another most days and sharing ideas of things to help one another's injury's and side affects or highlighting news story's just breaking. Jules has been a real diamond since the early days that saw me through darker days suffering repeated encephalitis, shadow banning on Twit through my repeated suspensions to my eventual permanent one for sharing the cheap, safe and effective drug Ivermectin after Elon Musk said it was safe enough to now do so early in 2022 whcih was before he took over ownership, suffice to say he didn't get banned oddly enough.

What these company's don't realise is that these platforms provide a real lifeline for so many and by taking your connection to it away then removes that safety net and support network from your life and thus depriving you of an outlet and emotional link to so many others. From an App that i hardly ever used of a few hundred connections i very quickly went upto 7,500 people after March 2021 once i began sharing my story to hopefully better inform others of risks.

Long story short it was a lovely Turkish meal of which i'd not previously ventured into before with laughs and thoughts of emotions that we'd all fought with the last few years since a corrupted government and media lied to us and then ruined our health without a care to the help we then needed going forwards. I know Jules is still searching for that elusive '"cure" as am i but with our joint support groups that we are still a part of through other social medias at least we and othrs can still share those invaluable ideas.

And so to the venue in another cab drive that proved eye opening for the driver what with sharing both our stories and hopefully connecting dots to his queries and thoughts that something just felt amiss with the government and media narrative being put out there, every day heralds the ability to either connect with others feeling the same or needing some sort of vindication for that strange and often sudden heart attack, stroke, neurological effect a friend or family member had suddenly just experienced.

A sold out venue and a mile long queue waiting outside gave great promise for an evening of Dissent and not far off 3 hours certainly had some powerful statements said by many of those either driving the anti-narrative on social media or those speaking out at great risk to their careers whether they were Drs or Politicians. Sadly, and rather bizarrely Mark Dolan was unable to host the night as planned all those months ago and so dropped out at the last minute due to GB News conflicts which was covered by a very understandably angry organiser Kathy Gingell on the night with a wry look at the audience and a misunderstood credit to Dellingpole for stepping into the breach as a modern day John Wilkes that i'd thought was a touch of sarcasm aimed at Dolan's "heroic" battles to not appear.

A rapturous and extended applause broke out as she read out a tribute to Mark Steyn which Kathy wrote on social media as something she'd "never witnessed before" and was a good indication of the mood for the evening and the strength of feeling for Mark's amazing work the past year in highlighting those issues that so many other media stations or even presenters on the channel didn't want or couldn't cover. I will note that some others did pay lip-service to those championed causes on the channel but to see how quickly their coments on them soon disappeared as Mark went on sick leave after his heart attacks, and since Mark was forced to leave you'd be hard pressed to find any actual evidence of "the people's channel" in action albeit the last few days when a certain presenter decided to be the "rebel" and fight for those injured albeit in a very controlled way although they seemed to have different views on that.

Regardless of secretive tabloid reporter Peter Walker who snuck in and although a large number of media were contacted, of which one replied but none were supposedly attending, and then reported the event as a completely packed Anti-Covid event in London on his Twit page, although when you read the comments on his posts you'd think there might've been some regrets to his comments made but maybe his skin is too thick.

He was talking about the large numbers of conspiracy theorists at the event and peddling untruths such as experimental gene therapy's that haven't been trialled, of which he stated that "both comments were lies" but to which anyone else who's woken up and smelled the coffee knows which are actually known to be true, weirdly.

Mr Walker certainly aims to be inflammatory with his social media Tweets but maybe that's his way of generating visits to his posts because you certainly wouldn't go if you wanted a nice conversation but one thing he didn't bank on was the pile-on by those in attendance on the night ready with some crushing put-downs and one in particular almost crushed his will it looked like and then actually followed it up with "but thanks for attending", nice one Fred's.

James Dellingpole, a former writer for publications such as the Guardian and currently known for his engaging and narrative-attacking podcasts, stepped in and carried it out very well I thought and received several applauses too. A nice guy with a natural talent of engaging people and listening to their stories certainly has done his interviews with various people including a fellow vaccing injured Alex Mitchell a world of good.

The evening was finally an official release of Mark Sharman's documentary "safe and effective" telling stories of some badly affected by their vaccines and the extent to which propaganda built up by the government's nudge-unit created such an aura of fear it made so many take a medical treatment they didn't need. It felt so strange to me and many others still seeing several featured in the film as badly injured from their vaccines and i don't take away from them that they really were and still struggle to a large degree but have made some amazing improvements over the months since for which i'm really happy for.

Appearing in the film and speaking on stage were Charlet Crichton and Caroline Pover of ukcv family who I've both known for so long and who've tried to raise awareness of their fight as a group to help others after their vaccine experiences along with Charlotte Wright who lost her husband Stephen to his vaccine in Jan 2021 and shared some personal and emotional thoughts on this with the audience. Surprise speaker Mike Yeadon who is a former boss from Pfizer who admittedly stated that "as soon as I realised what was happening there I could no longer carry on" to great applause pretty much all the way through with his statements "everything you were told was a lie" and that he "couldn't stand stupid rules" made up by governments to control populations.

He later joined a panel on-stage featuring Dr Clare Craig, Dr Ros jones and professor Angus Dalgleish and a second panel saw Andrew Bridgen MP, Sir Christopher Chope, the Fred's, Bob Moran-artist/political writer and Rev Calvin Robinson who through an audience led suggestion joined in with the Lord's Prayer which has been commented about widely as a surreal experience and he himself described as "The conservative Woman event last night was full of hope" and "an impromptu prayer of the Our father, no gender nonsense."

Although there were some very good panels I have to admit I wasn't surprised by a lot of the content said by them though which is not a real criticism of the night as it created such a buzz for all those in attendance who may have not been so aware of it. Over time there are only so many things you can say differently to describe horrors done to the UK people aren't there, however much the sincerity and force of conviction to make a difference we do need to keep speaking out and pushing back which was the main message and one that Mike Yeadon was quite insistent on.

The biggest take-away of the night for me was that the last few years of those dissenting voices now coming together as one to further attack the narrative en masse and drive real change and is something i feel is making major headway when you look at the speed at which governments seem to be rolling out the next wave of fear-porn thinly disguised as "climate" change and the insane drive to install a green agenda which includes 15 minute cities that will further curb your freedoms and what, will magically repair the "damage" mankind has supposedly done to the planet.

It's all pretty laughable really seeing the speed that towns and cities are stepping on board wth this authoritarian scheme that has been proven not to work through the videos of police and other emergency services getting stuck when attending to their duties but have had to resort to trying to tow these obstacles out of the roads so they can pass them, and don't get me started on EV cars, but maybe that'll make another article.

Sadly running over time led to a hasty ending to an evening that could've gone on for another hour at least and repeated calls were made to clear the hall to save the organisers a fine but it was yet another gathering of vaccine injured was how I decided that was too far and between that we get to see and speak to one another with a chance to get deep into our personal stories and so there was born the idea of a podcast I think I'm calling Coffee Talk which I've cleverly titled because calling it Vaccine injuries would get them immediately flagged by video sharing sites.

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