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Bill Gates - Depopulation Agenda 101


There are so many treacherous people in the world who have basically sold out mankind for money as shown by the "Covid" years but none more in the public firing line than Bill Gates I think, the man responsible for so much death, injury & destruction of humanity that even spreads back over the decades yet we're meant to laud him for his "philanthropic" ways which I find a truly scary aspect about him from his demands that show hosts introduce him as a philanthropist constantly.

His ego is demanding respect from his peers as supposedly all he invests in and guides along is going to be beneficial to mankind but going by a recent Global Polio Eradication Initiative at the European Commission Berlaymont headquarters in Brussels he attended I'm reminded back to a major vaccination program he drove along with Tony Fauci in Africa decades ago that mysteriously gave the people AIDS, which is why the world has a visceral hate for this guy yet he's lauded by those in power because he makes them all money.

Personally I think he is in fact nothing but a hypocrite as just look at his investments portfolios and you'll see he's made Billions out of the oil industry, fast foods and basically everything now seen as unhealthy in his eyes but only because he's now pushing the green agenda and investing heavily in battery planes & cars and bug farms as if he's so sure that the public will be forced to adopt them in time, as through history, Gates never invests blindly.

Another seedier aspect to Gates is his association with Jeffrey Epstein that he has been questioned on many times but refuses to elaborate on although he admits to having had dinner with him a few times yet his name is mentioned in the Lolita Express flight logs that took many dozens of "celebrity's" over the years to his Notorious Island including Bill Clinton amongst others and when pushed on his once friend's death from "suicide" whist in custody over new sex charges with a minor that he apparently denied, he smiled "oh but he's dead now."

At this, he wouldn't add further comment to his 'relationship' with the man but interestingly The Guardian newspaper in 2023 did a deep dive on connections between them and apparently Gates was being blackmailed by Epstein over an extra-marital affair that goes some way to explaining his wife Melinda Gates divorcing him, and the aim being that Gates would introduce others to Epstein in return for keeping the secret.

Interestingly, Melinda Gates was interviewed at length as to his friendship with Epstein but she would only answer "You'll have to ask Bill" which did funnily enough feature within a documentary that aired a year or so ago that brought up Gates extramarital affairs amongst many other secrets previously unknown about him but the program curiously didn't go too deeply into those salient facts.

Publicly, he's known for making speeches on Eugenics, a controversial and shocking way of convincing others that the world is too heavily populated that will cause a collapse of humanity and which reminds me of this quote from a TED talk he gave in 2010 that's had more than 8.1 million views since as of a couple of years ago.

"The World today has 6.8 Billion people, that's headed up to about 9 billion. If we do a really great job vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10-15 percent."

And strangely enough this meeting was superseded by one he chaired in 2009 that was a clandestine meeting of billionaires including David Rockefeller, Eli Broad, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Bloomberg that was dubbed the "Good Club" for its focus on healthcare and education but the rightfully controversial aspect of it was to slow the population growth also.

His upbringing I'm not interested in touching on but his family life was certainly strange with this quote.

"My father used to be the head of Planned Parenthood which was founded on the concept that most human beings are just "Reckless Breeders" and "Human Weeds" in need of culling. Do you think my own prior adherence to the beliefs of Eugenics have really changed?"

Personally I think he's shown his true colours for many many years, earning him connections to famous families like the Rothschilds and Globalist Institutions like the Bilderberg Group and the World Economic Forum etc because its head Klaus Schwab often is cited as stating that the bulk of the population are "The Useless Eaters" and "Who will own Nothing and be happy."

How Gates is allowed to mess around with the food chain and people's daily lives because of his globalist authoritarian connections i don't know because this is so wrong as we could lead perfectly happy lives as well as the cattle that roam the fields yet he's been working with a Scottish Rural College on ways of introducing vaccines for them to be more healthy and profitable and not forgetting producing less methane to "Save" the planet as shown by the Enviro-Cow project for Africa.

Strangely enough, Gates seems to have an affinity for research projects North of the border as a story from a few years showed using Cutting-edge agriculture in a £40 Million funded project for the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines "There is great, world-class understanding here of both animal diseases and how we can treat it and how we can enhance the genetics" and doesn't sound scary At All by Bill 'Dr Frankenstein' Gates.

Gates has been given so much power & influence it was obvious that he was then able to weaponise the WHO to carry out his and other globalist agendas but why should it be that someone who's not even trained in sciences be dictating to the world in meetings like those at World Economic Forum meetings in Davos in Switzerland and COP on Vaccines to fight "deadly" epidemics and ways of fighting climate "change" which is laughable when you see the hundreds of the worlds "elite" flying in for several days of luxury hotel stays and fine dining, year after year.

He makes no secret of investing in the "next-big-thing" and rather "fortuitously" heavily invested in Pfizer stock September 2019 that's noted by Shares Traders as being "Impeccably Timed" just a few months before the Covid pandemic appeared and conveniently sold them early in late 2021 when the Shares had peaked and important announcements of Safety & Efficacy were being announced and so making his Foundation $242 Million tax-free because legally these entities are set up to do just that which is wrong.

Rather strangely around this time Gates appeared on tv talking about how badly the Covid vaccines were and would need to do better next time, for the next pandemic which tells you so much about the way he is deeply ensnared with the depopulation agenda because he's famously spoke of "needing to do a better job of reducing world populations through better use of vaccines" many times.

This was the true aim of the vaccine roll-out in my opinion and is a eugencist's wet dream as stated by the likes of Stanley Johnson, father of Boris and even the late Prince Philip of the Royal family which is so bizarre as we were brought up to love and respect these institutions for generations of our families but as was proven during the Plandemic, all countries worked in lockstep with each other over a Build-Back-Better agenda that made absolutely no sense to some of the public that were meant to be scared out of their wits by the constant stream of fear propaganda force-fed to them by the nightly news whilst the rest of the public seemed much more aware of the Evil machinations being laid out.

The many meetings, conferences headed up by Gates are worded intentionally to seem as if they're a health matter being discussed and so are to be taken seriously as if they're for the "benefit" for all mankind except as we've seen with the covid vaccines they're literally killing people by any method, disease & symptom by the switching off of the bodies auto-immune system that would normally fight disease which is why we're seeing a staggering rise in Turbo cancer deaths that give such a small window of treatment time from the way they attack that you're literally a dead-man-walking and yet you don't know it.

Regardless of a worldwide battle by Gates to 'Vaccinate the world' as reported by many media's over the years with repeated funded campaigns by his Foundation that are little more than tax-free depopulation agendas, people like him should be rotting away in prison with all their fortunes forfeited yet through other organisations such as the Trusted News Initiative that is part funded by the same Foundation, he and others are able to dodge the "conspiracy theories" put out by dissenting media's and keep on working on his "philanthropic endeavours and driving the worldwide Net Zero agenda. 

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