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A Fight for Mum - We will be heard


We all have our own cross to bear. It really hasn't been easy finding a way to process what was done to Mum but by pushing her to the forefront with vivid high-profile social media posts we'll hopefully by way encouragement, more people tell their stories also and bring this corruption into the light on behalf of all of us.

Quite encouragingly i've spoken to quite a few already who either long suspected something was untoward with their family member passing or who also have already found out similar horrors and which now makes me feel that I've done the right thing in stepping forward more publicly.

I've despaired at the collusion and horrors that Drs and supposed care-givers have seen fit to commit so many times now, how do they sleep at night? Although I have to add there are many amazing people who either work in the NHS on the periphery or who have since left through not being able to take any more of the nightmarish scenes they've witnessed.

People need to be aware of what the places we trust to care for our loved ones is doing and under guidance from the government albeit Matt Hancock, shocking!

There are so many aspects to the public covid enquiry lead by Baroness Hallet but i don't feel that this will be addressed as thoroughly as required. We've all been so horribly let down the last few years and deserve to get justice for all no matter how long it takes.

Mum's death has haunted me for so long and Matt Hancock has blood on his hands through the NG 163 protocol that he put on hospitals "to deal with covid cases, and stop them over-whelming them" in 2020 that saw off so many loved ones. A comment from a local news reporter who had been collating data from loved ones who'd died at my local hospital put the figure who'd died from "covid" yet given the protocol as 70%.

Through Mum's records and reading more deeply into how ill patients are managed has led me to understand that restricting basic foods & water intentionally reduces patient health, and so in effect the medical personnel committing the neglectful acts are guilty of colluding with the state on murder charges.

These are crimes against humanity and should not go unpunished!

Thinking of recent protests and throughout the last 3 years, the French I'm sure wouldn't stand for this as they're still revolting over contributory acts from these last few years of Macron's tyranny and culminating in the pensions reforms.

They would be dragging those culpable of crimes out into the streets as in the days of the revolution!

There are many that have tried to fight back against what's been going on, trying to highlight these murderous acts on social media and so have been ridiculed and censored yet now just a couple of years later it has all been found true much like all the "conspiracy theories" of old.

It's not by accident that this protocol appeared in lock-step as all countries used the evil agenda to perish elderly family-members as part of the high death cases required to push the fear campaign. For sure no one should escape the part they played in furthering the harms but where were the dissenting voices and whistleblowers back then?

It's all been going on for so long now we need to step things up to bring loved ones murders to the forefront and stop this barbaric mistreatment once and for all.

There were 14,000 Non-covid excess deaths between April 20th and June 20th and that's such a shocking reality isn't it that so many loved ones could be taken well before their time.

How did this escape being called anything but Murder in a supposed humane society?

More questions need to be asked over decisions taken and those culpable need to be held accountable else more family's will suffer the same heartbreaks like so many others.

Imagine preying on the sick and infirm and plying them with dangerous drugs to worsen their health, it's just plain cruel. I always thought hospitals were there to help people heal yet they played god with so many lives!

Imagine having a lethal protocol of midazolam and morphine that would be introduced by Matt Hancock MP for hospitals and care homes to deal with the supposed over-whelming of loved ones with covid. Actual "legalised" murder of family members is so barbaric and sounds like something from the dark ages of WW2.

How many people know that in hospital, those patients with comorbidities say like cancer or COPD for example are given points on a sheet that once reach the minimum threshold leave them eligible to be given the End of Life protocol to "ease their suffering?" And with those "safe-guards" in place they were then absolved of guilt as it was a "legal" process.

Those guilty have so much to pay for their crimes against us as this was an attack on humanity!

If I'd been well enough once realising what had occurred, I just don't know what I would've not done to raise the volume on this, nothing would've been out of the picture.

So, going forward the Truth Be Told movement is helping drive back against this barbaric treatment of loved ones as well as for the Vaxine injured & bereaved and I'll be there god willing in May for Mum to speak her Truth.

Thinking back to the start of all this, just the locking down of the care setting was so cruel in itself wasn't it, the normal everyday interaction with people affected so many mentally but our elderly were so shell shocked by it and in effect locked up like prisoners and deprived of visits by their loved ones.

My own Mum was briefly in a care home to "protect" her from "covid" i was told as the wards were meant to be rife with the "virus" and having to see your loved one through a window was so distressing for all, not being able to hug them and show you cared.

We've all seen glimpses of the ridiculous actions of medical staff's TikTok's and blatant rule breaking that they insisted others follow, they were always a rule unto themselves yet if "covid" was such an evidential threat how the hell did anyone think it was tasteful to fool around whilst loved ones weren't getting the care they needed. They need to pay!

Reading Mum's medical records it became evident that loved ones should've felt safe in hospital yet were subjected to such a barrage of mistreatment in those medical settings that it staggers the mind and does sound like something dredged up from the dark times of WW2 when they rolled out the lethal protocols.

Now, i know there was immense pressure from management to perform to targets during that crazy time and with a duty to care being the main objective but there were shocking amounts of money being offered to "convince" Drs and Coroners that cvd was to blame regardless of the actual cause.

Imagine a swimmer getting eaten by a shark and all that was left was an arm and still covid would be the cause recorded i heard in early 2021 by Elon Musk, in jest yes but typical of the blanket labellng of deaths to suit the narrative.

What they've done to so many is just pure evil and needs to be addressed so that justice can be found for those family's left bereft.

Typical of Mum's care, patients in hospitals are sadly lacking in many cases of getting even the most basic amount of care and if for instance someone struggles to eat then high energy drinks or infusions need to be given as this then gives them the strength to fight.

Without this it is Wilful neglect and although i complained repeatedly to staff and carers, it sadly just fell on deaf ears sadly so this is why I applied for Mums medical records to give me full-disclosure. Now, it's all down in black & white showing the culpability and lack of duty to care to those supposedly trusting them to do their jobs.

This evil goes so deeply doesn't it and those culpable go right into the far corners of society and such inhumane acts deserve no part in a civilised society and i'll go so far to say that it is completely abhorrent what's been meted out in the name of "health".

We trusted them in our family members hour of need.

What they did to our loved ones is unconscionable. The vaxinations being knowably dangerous and ineffective first of all but restricting those last moments was a much deeper act of cruelty.

Seeing at first hand these injustices being carried out must've been awful and before lockdown in March 2020 was bad enough when I saw what was going on on Mum's wards yet what then went on whilst family's were restricted from doesn't bear thinking about knowing what we now know.

Thinking about the Drs who insist they should decide who lives and dies are just plain evil through the use of DNR's for example which don't have family consultation unlike what they state in paperwork, but how do we change the system?

It's been a truly horrible awakening to discover that the national health service isn't actually always there to provide the best of care to loved ones and to have those who should know best saying because it's for their "health" always yet not providing even the most basic of actual care in the first place is ludicrous.

Reading that the Liverpool care pathway which was supposedly stopped years ago in 2021, an internet search brought up a BBC documentary that was made about the horrors once committed through it, i was disgusted to see that it was still in effect, so what happened to that once investigative media that challenged the government?

What was originally a 30 year plan to run until 2031 killing a minimum of 1/2 Million yearly with penalties given if targets not met were shocking details uncovered by some amazing investigative people yet has been constantly ignored by the mainstream this time around.

Imagine working all your life to pay taxes, pensions and bills and getting treated so abysmally by the State for what, getting old? It's not a dystopian future where people shouldn't be able to live beyond a certain age and it is beyond all imagining that we, a civilised society could treat loved ones so deplorably.

Such evil in our midst!

It is just so inhuman isn't it. Who'd have thought they could treat a fellow human being in such a shocking manner!

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