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A “Fair & Effective” Government - So say Ofcom


There's no doubting Penny Mordaunt's priorities since it was revealed that not only is she a WEF Young Global Leader but she has amazingly close ties to Bill Gates and being photographed repeatedly together.

She still seems to be under the impression that she's untouchable and being able to mock a fellow parliamentarian on frequent occasions when Andrew Bridgen is speaking, yes again but her latest mocking outburst about Cuckoo's in Spring in the HOC should've brought a rap on the knuckles for ridiculing his real valid points about the WEF's Pandemic Treaty response removing all liberties and freedoms wqe take for granted.

To me, I feel she is acting in a kind of final act of desperation and frantically clinging onto power now because she and others see their downfall coming fast, this is why so many woke divisive agendas are being thrust at us at once pitting us all against each other instead of us focusing on what is really going on, a power play for control of the U.K.

Our government is guilty of so much corruption and self interest, and as they're in bed with the globalists they will never put their constituents first as they should do which is why we should be pushing back with all our might whilst we still can because once these powers are enacted there'll be no going back.

As a rebuttal to Bridgens concerns over the WHO's pandemic treaty response, Hancock pled desperately for the public to listen to him recently in a tv clip and not Bridgen's ramblings but he isn't interested in rational thought as he stated of the public to do as he's a WEF young global leader also and is in place to push the Orwellian agenda.

He even doubled down on his plea by saying that by handing over powers to the WHO was a good thing for us to have, to be "under-the-protective wing", though thankfully more and more politicians are now doing what they were elected to do and that's speaking up on behalf of their constituents and even Nigel Farage today i saw was warning about the threat we face.

Is it convenient timing that it's all happening "just-in-the-nick-of-time" or was it never actually meant to happen but be a distraction for a "other" event I don't know but at least they are taking the existential threat seriously of a power grab by WHO in a carefully worded "ambition evident" statement one MP stated.

The last couple of years have proven how corrupt so many of those who govern us truly are with so many openly favouring contracts within pharmaceutical industry's and as such they don't deserve the seats they hold for ignoring their duties and should be kicked out of office now let alone waiting for an election.

Going back to the WHO pandemic response treaty, In the U.S. for example, some States actually had the legal rights to build camps during convid to those Vax hesitant but with worldwide pushback against the Tyrannical controls they put it on the back burner but massive amounts of new prisons were built here in the U.K. for it so it continues to be a very real threat to individual liberties with time spent in quarantine for Vaccine refusal a very real threat once again as outlined in it.

Through wording of the contract, many factors would have to be taken into account for our "health" but how can entities such as Bill Gates poison the food chain with geo-engineered ingredients, dried insects, apeel chemical sprays and even by injecting the MRNA technology into livestock to as he admitted "get around those Vax hesitant" and a sure fire way to get this poison into every arm.

It's disgusting over how many evils are being perpetrated on humanity to drive this apparent population change & who on Earth elected globalists to decide on life limits as it's like a bizarre sci-fi film of the control of humanity but i'm sure of one thing though that there's no hero to blow up the Death-star, as someone was recently quoted and so we'll have to forge our own path back to civilisation and normality.

Unlike the pin-drop silence in our government, the Covid Committee hearings were held in Europe recently and featured many keynote speakers like Dr David Martin and Christine Anderson MEP warning of future horrors for humanity to come and confirmed what many had thought about the origins and the main players in this whole shocking scheme yet the media doesn't make even a brief mention of any of it.

If our cowardly politicians fail to reject this Treaty then we face such evil boldness and defiance against good Western values that could trigger an all-out anarchy in response although nobody but the globalists truly want a War as it benefits no one to lose people in conflict but they always seem to make a buck.

The WHO are not about our "health" as their title suggests but to enslave nations to their will for any reason of their choosing and at any time so we have to push back hard because the future could be truly shocking and wouldn't be able to be un-done.

We saw some of the shocking controls they are capable of during the plandemic and the Treaty will give them ultimate say in shutting down a country, removing liberties and enslaving us all.

The public want a "better way" because the bulk of the current political system doesn't actually work for the people who put them there. Can we send them all out on a flight to Rwanda perhaps? Asking for a friend.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2024