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My uncle was injured after his second shot and died after his 3rd

Dead after 2nd Covid Vaccine

I thought the world of my uncle. He was in really good health for his age. He had lost his wife when she was just 60 (a very youthful, trendy 60 year old). He spent Covid pandemic largely isolated because he was over 70. 

In June 2021 he had his second shot. A few days later he was experiencing heart problems. He ended up having a pacemaker fitted. In December a few days before Christmas he was given his 3rd shot and suffered 2 massive strokes. He died in hospital a couple of weeks later. 

This was a man very fit for his age, walked everywhere, was still active in his own business of flipping properties. He was murdered in mine and my family's eyes. 

Injuries after vaccine

    • Stroke
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