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The MHRA & Impartiality Or a Lack Thereof


I was fortunate enough to be able to be a part of a recent MHRA board meeting for which I wrote an article about here, but questions that were put to the panel in a private chat function weren't answered on the day unlike what we were led to believe, however I have just received a reply from Alison Cave, Chief Safety Officer that tackles each one that I asked with very in-depth answers and links provided to back up claims.

Safety and efficacy is a very important discussion piece because so many people have been hurt or killed by a vaccine we were all told was safe and effective but the proof otherwise is so clear to all now with extraordinarily high deaths cases being reported even worldwide by government health reporting systems.

"All treatments have side-effects and they need to be continuously balanced and monitored against the expected benefits in preventing illness and our role is to ensure that those products meet acceptable standards of safety, quality and efficacy and so have a comprehensive strategy to monitor them."

Interesting comments first of all in discounting the high numbers of injuries and deaths from vaccines as near impossible to occur "because we monitor treatments continuously."

If they had actually done so in the past and continued to do so then red flags would've been triggered all over place and the vaccine rollout would've been scrapped and not even paused temporarily which we didn't even get.

When AstraZeneca pulled their covid 19 vaccine over high numbers of adverse reactions such as blood clots and myocarditis last year it wasn't covered widely in the media for fear of scaring off vaccine sales but to get around any negativity felt worldwide over its "damaged" product, they changed the name to Vaxzevria although it was the exact same product and isn't sold in most countries still.

Several times in the media lately there's been reports about where these drug regulators get their funding from and unsurprisingly it's turning out to be the very same pharmaceutical companies that are submitting their treatments for testing and the fact that there aren't rejections of covid vaccines being given a clean and safe bill of health tells you straight away that something is very wrong here with a lack of impartiality as the MHRA receives around 80% of its funding in this way.

"We take independent, regulatory integrity and impartiality seriously without direct financial interests and closely follow a code of practice for independent advisors as the licensing of medicines is a scientific process."

To me it sounds like it's not just one or 2 bad eggs in an organisation at fault for letting this happen but that the whole damn thing is so corrupt it needs tearing down and starting again. Companies submit an application to sell a product with a licence and pay a fee for doing so but where's the external and independent testing of the item in question because all that I see is these institutions using actual pharmaceutical data saying that it's "safe and effective" but then just taking them at their word.

Any other in-depth testing carried out would've unearthed a whole can of worms right back to the first official recorded death here in Feb 2021 and to so many more injuries and deaths since then.

If they missed the initial impacted cases then through their very own safety data monitoring that they use to continuously look at harms versus benefits then they would've pulled this and other covid vaccine products from market with the glaringly obvious harms coming to light.

The Yellow card scheme is a safety monitoring platform for all drugs and vaccines and throughout the roll-out of the covid-19 vaccine it has seen hugely shocking totals for deaths and injuries that highlight glaringly the difference to previous vaccines roll-outs like with Swine flu showing a small number of deaths to its then being pulled from market, yet with the covid 19 ones they continued to be marketed and pushed at every turn by the media and Drs all over. But regardless to the cold hard facts they state "We work closely with public health partners to review the effectiveness and impact of the vaccines, to ensure the benefits continue to outweigh any side-effects."

This isn't true and every lie since compounds it to such a degree and to such breadth that the numbers complicit in driving sales must be immense.

Whether people want to see this for what it actually is and that is a depopulation agenda instead of a string of bizarre "coincidences" is up to them but when you're faced with certain facts and data you really have to investigate it for yourselves and look for the bigger picture.

"The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) has allocated more than £110million for covid-vaccine research that includes consideration of vaccine safety, covering monitoring of adverse reactions and a separate investigation funded by the Department of Health & Social-Care (DHSC) of £1.6 Million to investigate blood clotting has also been commissioned."

So, massive sums of money looking into the very side effects and injuries that so many have been reporting on for the last 2 years and to which they reported to the Yellow Card Site, and to AstraZeneca directly in many cases also but they still feel a need to do so to what end?

We don't need a government department to thoroughly investigate proven harms done at this late stage as the money would be better spent on helping these people pick up their lives yet these people do need to justify their jobs with champagne lunches on a "job well done" comments during their meeting, as I reported in my recent article.

My final point was a clarification on the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme as I'd originally applied for it back in March 2021 when I was discharged from hospital but have gone through all sorts of "trials" since in getting somewhere. They admitted they were seriously underprepared for the large numbers of people claiming compensation and had to put certain measures in place once they'd clarified the vaccine injuries and deaths were actually linked by their own medical experts.

Personally, I was promised it take 8 weeks from the moment the business services authority who are handling peoples cases received my medical reports back at the start of the year yet we are now nearing a New Year and I'm still no nearer to reaching a conclusion. Excuses range from needing to download the notes and arranging them in a file for Medical experts to then assess to then not being able to access these experts to do so but my latest email from them states I'm now in a queue to be assessed by their teams.

Sadly, so many people will be unsuccessful in obtaining compensation due to not reaching a 60% minimum threshold which is why we need a total overhaul of the VDPS to take into account individual cases that whilst not reaching the criteria do actually feel impacted in their every day lives. For example, I had to finish my job and stop a very active lifestyle of running and bodybuilding but I may not still reach the threshold yet my life has been forever impacted and thus later in life has an unknown factor.

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