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Letter And Response Sent To MP Barbara Keeley, Worsley and Eccles South, Regarding Involuntary Euthanasia and a Meeting Held At House of Commons On 5th June 2023 That She Failed To Attend

 Family Of The Victims Of Euthanasia 50 members of the public attended House of Commons meeting. Their loved ones were involuntary euthanased without consent of the patient or the family under protocols NG163 and NG191 (aka Liverpool Care Pathway)

Letter sent to MP Barbara Keeley:

Dear Barbara Keeley

I am writing to you as your constituent Elaine Ramsbottom, Worsley with regards to a meeting - 'Towards Justice Reception' - that was arranged by Andrew Bridgen MP and held in the House of Commons, Committee Room 5, on June 14th 2023 from 6pm – 8pm, to which, I have been advised, you were invited.

I am very disappointed that, following the invitation, you didn't have the courtesy to reply to Mr Bridgen or come to the meeting to represent me, which I believe is your role as my MP.

Sir George Howarth and Ruth Cadbury were the only MPs who attended and they listened as some of the 50 bereaved members of the public spoke. They were all there to raise serious concerns about NICE guideline NG163 and the use of the benzodiazepine drug Midazolam during the last three years as a Covid guideline. We unanimously believe this drug - used concomitantly with an opioid, usually morphine - hastened the deaths of our loved ones.

As your constituent, it is my opinion that it is your job to listen to my story and ensure that it gets the coverage it deserves.

I am aware that the meeting was recorded on video and audio by Parliament and various people at the meeting also made audio recordings for their own reference and records. We will not accept this subject being swept under the carpet as has seemed to be the case with so many points of the 'Covid Inquiry' so far.

Mr Bridgen has researched this subject (NICE guideline NG163/Midazolam) and has all the information on it should you require it.

I request a reply to this email at the earliest opportunity with an explanation on how you intend to represent me.

Questions were raised at the meeting which I would ask you to acknowledge. The group of 50 attendees (all bereaved family members of people who died as a result of NG163), plus many thousands more, would like to know specifically who authorised NICE guideline NG163 and which medical expert signed it off as safe to use before it was rolled out as a first line treatment for breathlessness/agitation in Covid-19.

I also would like it on record that the NG163 was challenged and warnings were raised by two professors and nine doctors, who all stated that the drug Midazolam is a respiratory suppressant which should not be used for a respiratory virus and specifically Covid-19. 


This warning was seemingly ignored and we require an answer as to why it was ignored and why the Health Secretary at the time - Matthew Hancock - took the decision to go ahead with implementing the NG163 guideline which advised using a combination of Midazolam and morphine in doses that were identical to those recommended for the abolished Liverpool Care Pathway.

I would appreciate you letting me know why you didn't reply to Mr Bridgen's invitation to the meeting of June 14th 2023 and an explanation as to why you were unable or unwilling to represent me. I also need confirmation from you that you will now request a meeting with Mr Bridgen to learn about and understand this very serious issue.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Elaine Ramsbottom 

First response from MP Barbara Keeley:

Transcript of first response from MP Barbara Keeley:

Dear Ms Ramsbottom 

Thank you for contacting me about a Parliamentary reception hosted by Andrew Bridgen MP. I am sorry to hear that you lost a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I replied to Andrew Bridgen MP to explain that | could not attend due to commitments related to my Shadow Ministerial role. | have a response from Andrew Bridgen to show that | did in fact respond to the invitation. He gave me your name and address but no other | contact details. | asked him to pass on to you that you could contact me about the issues, as you have now done. 

There are many events in Parliament and MPs are not able to attend them all, particularly when they already have commitments as | did on that day. | hope you can appreciate that. 

I know that there have been claims made online about the rise in the use of the drug Midazolam during Covid-19, including that a 2020 spike in deaths was caused by "lethal midazolam and morphine injections". 

I appreciate this sounds concerning, however, the cross-party fact checking charity, Full Fact, looked into this and found no evidence to support this claim. Full Fact says that Midazolam is often used to make patients comfortable at the ends of their lives, including those who are dying of COVID-19. A spike in midazolam prescriptions during one of the worst months of the pandemic is, therefore, not unexpected. 

The evidence which Full Fact has does not show that the drug was used to kill thousands of people. You can see their article on the use of WMiidazolam during Covid-iF here: 


Thank you once again for contacting me and sharing your views, and please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. 

Yours sincerely 

Barbara Keeley MP 

Member of Parliament for Worsley & Eccles South

Reply to first response from MP Barbara Keeley:

Your Ref: TH/BK44227 7th July 2023

Dear Ms Keeley,

I am writing with regards to your letter of 28th June 2023 and I am absolutely appalled at your response and lack of empathy.

How dare you dismiss what me and my family have gone through with the loss of my husband at the hands of the NHS with Midazolam and Morphine. I am in touch with a lot of people who have lost loved ones with this protocol. You say there are claims made online about the rise in the use of Midazolam and Morphine and it should have been expected at the spike of the pandemic. This has gone on for the past three years not just at the spike in 2020. You say its used for people at end of life when a lot of these people when they went into hospital were not at the end of their lives but they soon were after being in these death camps. Do you realise they use both of these drugs on death row to kill murderers and rapists.

You state that a charity group called Full Fact have no evidence of this and that its basically a conspiracy theory. This charity is basically funded by Facebook and Google who always delete peoples comments on the truth. They are not a reliable source and for you to rely on these just says a lot about how you care about you constituents, that you don't.

My husband had no underlying illnesses and was on no medication he was generally a fit man who didn't smoke or drink, he ate healthily. He just got a bug and went to hospital to get help. We all had this bug and got over it. Once there they said they were treating him for covid pneumonia even before they had tested him. The following day he had all his colour back and looked like himself again after having some oxygen. Within a few days he had gone downhill. One of the doctors a Tina Duff told him he would die if he didn't go on a ventilator so she basically scared the life out of him to do so knowing he would die if he went on one. Within 3 days they said his kidney had packed up so put him on dialysis. Two days later they said he would die and wouldn't see the night out. He actually stabilised and survived this scare, It was after this I noticed he was on Midazolam and Morphine which I was told by a doctor Anthony Wilson they needed to freeze his lungs so the machine would breath for him which was a lie. My husband was pumped that full of that many drugs at the hospital he didn't stand a chance.

We were called in another 3 times and every time he stabilised but the last time he did die. Which a person can only fight so hard to survive with all the poison pumped into their body by the hospital.

I begged on a few occasions for the doctors to give him ivermectin but they said they were not licensed for it even though they said he was going to die what the hell did he have to lose. My husband should not have died he was far to healthy for this to happen and I definitely believe it was Iatrogenic as to why he died and if you don't know what that means it means that the doctors and nurses caused his death by the amount of stuff that was pumped into him. If they dont know the affects of drugs they should not be administering them freely like they did one size fits all.

I asked the hospital why were they still using the same protocol when it was 18 months after they started treating people for this covid when they knew it didn't work there was no answer to that. My husband died at the end of the pandemic 4th August 2021 on my sons birthday. After the first death scare on the 19th July 2021 my husband last another 16 days so he definitely wasn't dying when he went in there but they made sure he did. No one could cope with that amount of Midazolam and Morphine pumped into them for that long.

They said my husband died of multiple organ failure and covid 19 so I had a post Mortem done and all his organs were fine so how can someone die of multiple organ failure if their organs are good.

I asked for my husband notes which took a long time to get and when they arrived there are no logs on the day he was coerced into going on a ventilator. No treatment plans, no decisions made and no conversations had. They told me they had to act fast but this isn't logged either it also said was there any problems on intubation and someone has written yes but this reason isn't logged either. They are definitely hiding something from me.

My husband face timed me on the day he was going to have a tube down his throat and he was talking in sentences and was lucid this isn't the position a person would be in if they couldn't breath and the hospital had to act fast they are lying through their teeth. The hospital would not let us see him before he went on the ventilator because my son went straight to the hospital to try and stop it happening but they said he was already under that was 15 minutes after he face timed me so they were lying yet again. Strangely enough though it was logged that my son had gone down and that the doctor has phoned me later on after the event

You need to start believing the people whose families have actually gone through this with hospitals because I know there are thousands that have been put on midazolam and morphine and it was that that killed them not covid.

The above is a tiny amount of stress my family and I have gone through because the hospital did not go with their oaths they went along with a protocol that didn't work and destroyed lives along the way. Someone has to answer for this destruction of people and their families.

I await your reply

Yours faithfully

Elaine Ramsbottom 

Second letter from MP Barbara Keeley:

Transcript of second letter from MP Barbara Keeley:

Our Ref: TH/BK44227 
19 July 2023 

Dear Ms Ramsbottom 

Thank you for contacting me about the use of Midazolam and Morphine during the Covid-19 pandemic and my recent response to your letter. 

I am sorry that you were disappointed with my response. I can appreciate how distressing it is to lose a loved one in such a quick and shocking fashion as so many did during the COVID pandemic. 

Given this, I can understand why you are raising concerns about the drugs used to treat your husband. However, when prescribed and used appropriately, Midazolam will not hasten 'or prolong someone's death. 

Like many drugs, if used incorrectly it can cause harm, which is why there are detailed guidelines on how to use it, including in pallative care. The pandemic was an incredibly challenging period for the NHS, but |'am confident that the top priority of NHS Clinicians was always to do everything possible to save lives. 

I can assure you that | will continue to urge the Government to learn the lessons of the pandemic and ensure a comprehensive framework to guide future decision-making, rmvide certainty, and to support local public health teams to be prepared in the event of future outbreaks. 

Thank you once again for contacting me and please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. 

Yours sincerely 
Barbara Keeley MP 
Member of Parliament for Worsley & Eccles South

Response to Barbara Keeley's second letter:

Dear Ms Keeley,

I write in response to your letter dated 19th July 2023 and would like to say you do not have a clue about what I and so many of you're constituents have gone through. You obviously think your such a professional on the use of Midazolam and Morphine with the response you have given.

Midazolam and Morphine causes respiratory issue and stops people breathing properly when the high doses were given and given together. My husband received very high doses of these drugs so yes they do speed up the death of people that have received them. They used give them to people on death row in the US.

How dare you patronise me in the way you have you are supposed to listen and help your constituents not try putting them down by sending out letters that a robot has written.

The use of NG163 which is now called NG191 and was basically the Liverpool pathway was brought back into use during covid and has been in use ever since. Do not try telling people that it hasn't because we know for a fact it has, enough of us have gone through this.

The use of Midazolam and Morphine was not used correctly by the guide lines that you state and my husband was not on palliative care. He was generally a fit man and was just 64 years old. He should not have died at the hands of those doctors who like I have stated coerced him into going onto a ventilator. A doctor called Tina Duff told him he would die if he didn't knowing he would die if he did. The top priority of the Clinicians was not the priority of the patients they worked on a protocol and gave everyone the same treatment over the past three years. They swear an oath to do no harm but from what has been happening by working to a protocol they did lots of harm and have destroyed families.

I am absolutely disgusted with the way you try to dismiss people who are raising concerns and it is your job to look Into these matters without poo pooing them and making out as though you know best because some Fact Checkers stated they don't see evidence of the misuse of Midazolam and Morphine. This fact checkers are basically funded by Facebook and Google so they are not to be trusted.

My husband was murdered by the NHS and if the Nuremberg trials ever start people like you will be at the top of the list to be prosecuted. You do not deserve the be a member of parliament. You do not work for the people.. You are on the wrong side of history

Yours not faithfully

Elaine Ramsbottom 

The first video below is the meeting that MPs were invited to attend. In the second video Michael Elston explains the protocol being used to end the lives of the victims using the NG163 and  NG191 Protocols (aka Liverpool Care Pathway)

Meeting held in Committee Room 5 at UK House Of Commons in June 2023. In attendence where 50 relatives of the victims who were involuntary euthanased along with MP Andrew Bridgen and 2 other MPs. 

Michael Elston speaking from Altrincham Town Hall concerning NHS England's reintroduction of involuntary euthanasia as part of its response to the covid-19 pandemic because this country simply does not have enough hospital beds to treat everyone. 

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