The Marvel of Turmeric: Benefits, Risks, and Its Role in Treating Cancer and Other Diseases

Turmeric, a bright yellow spice derived from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, has been...

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Reform UK Should Withdraw Candidate From North West Leicestershire & Constituents Should Vote for Independent MP: Andrew Bridgen

This is a callout to Nigel Farage, Leader of the Reform UK party, to withdraw their candid...

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Embrace the Power of Independence: Join the UK Independent MPs and Candidates Community

Step into a new era of political engagement with the UK Independent MPs and Candidates Com...

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​Join the Revolution: The Reform UK Supporters Community


Welcome to the Reform UK Supporters Community, a dynamic new group on the YourSay UK ...

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The Independent Platform: Revolutionising Candidate-Voter Engagement

Yoursay.social is revolutionising how independent candidates connect with voters. With 461...

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The True Meaning of Independence in Politics

True independence in politics means freedom from party pressures and a commitment to serve...

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Overcoming Voter Apathy: The Independent Solution

Voter apathy is a significant concern, often driven by dissatisfaction with mainstream par...

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10 Reasons Why UK Should Vote For Reform UK

Joining Reform UK means supporting a comprehensive manifesto that addresses key issues wit...

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Undecided Voters and the Independent Option

With the election approaching, 70% of undecided voters have indicated they would consider ...

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Why Vote Independent? Breaking Free from Mainstream Party Disillusionment

The deadline for nominations has passed, revealing a significant development: 461 independ...

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The Rise of the Independent Voter: A Shift in Political Dynamics

The rise of 461 independent candidates across 317 constituencies, complemented by 26 candi...

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Please Help Bring Mary, 84, Home To Her Son

This is much more common than people think. Government, Social Services and others working...

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The ugliest face of Covid-19

Care homes have, without doubt, shown us the ugliest face of Covid-19. And yet, I wonder, ...

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THE VITAL VOICES OF THE VAX HARMED: If That's You Or A Loved One, Take Part in the COVID Vaccine Survey

In the battle against the COVID-19, vaccines were pushed out as the primary weap...

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Landmark Survey to Get To The Facts On Involuntary Euthanasia Being Carried Out By Hospitals and Care Homes

Governments around the world are mass euthanising the elderly and vulnerable in hospitals,...

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Palliative Care Funding Review: UK Government 20 Year Plan

Did you know the UK Government have been involuntary euthanising without consent from...

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When Caring Turns Cold: The Disturbing Reality of Lies and Cover-Ups within the NHS and Social Services: A Daughter's Battle to Save Her Ailing Mother and Get Her Home

This is the harrowing story of Kathleen, told in her daughter Annie's own words ...

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Father 64 Was Placed On A Covid Ward Then Involuntarily Euthanised Without Consent Or Warning Leaving Family Devastated!

Lisa Pirks shares the harrowing story (in her own words) of her father Martin whose life w...

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So You Think The Liverpool Care Pathway That Bribed Hospitals To Put Patients On Pathway To Death Was Abolished? Think Again!

An article was published 11 years ago (2012) by the Daily Mail Online relating to the Live...

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List Of Involuntary Euthanasia Articles from MSM And Elsewhere

These articles have been collected from various sources and relate to involuntary euthanas...

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Involuntary Euthanasia Articles

These articles have been collected from various sources and relate to involuntary euthanas...

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Letter And Response Sent To MP Barbara Keeley, Worsley and Eccles South, Regarding Involuntary Euthanasia and a Meeting Held At House of Commons On 5th June 2023 That She Failed To Attend

50 members of the public attended House of Commons meeting. Their loved ones were involuntary euthanased without consent of the patient or the family under protocols NG163 and NG191 (aka Liverpool Care Pathway)

Letter sent to MP Barbara Keeley: Dear Barbara Keeley I am writing to you as your con...

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Heartbreaking Tale of Elderly Abuse Uncovered: A Tragic Journey of Neglect and Heartache

Almost half a million people aged over 65 will experience some form of abuse or neglect in the UK!

This is a truly distressing situation that shows not just the neglect that is happening in...

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Heartbroken Family Speaks Out After Mother-In-Law's Death Is Falsely Attributed to COVID-19

Did the hospital falsely attributed her death to COVID-19 to bump up statistics?

Lucy and Paul Knight are still grieving the loss of their mother-in-law, Olive, who died i...

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Response From Helen Grant MP Regarding The Death Of Mother Whilst In NHS Care

Below is the reply: From Helen Grant, MP for Maidstone and The Weald in relation...

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A Heartbreaking Loss: Stephen Clarke's Quest for Justice After His Mother's Untimely Death At The Hands Of The NHS!

This is the heart-breaking story of Stephen Clarke and is told in his own words....

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Daughter Raises Concerns Over Alleged Neglect and Lack of Transparency at Lorna House Care Home

Aileen's father, Hugh was battling with early onset dementia, He was placed in Lorna ...

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Tragic Tale of Chris Humphrey's Covid Battle At The Royal Sussex County Hospital

In a devastating account of events, Stephanie reveals her partner Chris Humphrey's ba...

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Dad Was Treated Like a Piece of Meat; Dr Death Pointed At Him And Uttered “End Of Life” Then Nurses Administered Lethal Midazolam And Morphine!

Our Dad was known for his no-nonsense personality. He was a character. Love him or hate hi...

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Big Congrats To The Paramedics Who’ve Played A Part In The Culling Of The Elderly. (You’ve Done A Fine Job!)


On September 24th 2021, a psychopathic paramedic injected my dad with a big shot of someth...

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