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Dr Fauci and a Deposition too Far


For many years Fauci has been at the heart of vaccination programs worldwide along with Bill Gates, the world renowned "scientist", informing the world that health was prevalent on the masses taking the latest treatment offered but strangely enough, those not sucked into fear campaigns did surprisingly well. Sadly, for those who did follow the guidelines, rules and the fear campaigns, got sucked in to fearing the worse and so signed their lives away because little did they know that the treatment on offer often actually contained side effects and some serious enough to take their lives and that materialised as the next viral outbreak.

Now this isn't just based on the current covid 'pandemic' but covers so many other outbreaks over the years that both Fauci & Gates always found themselves at the heart of, "saving the world with every vaccination." So many people have a deep hatred when seeing Fauci on television when he spouts out fears about the next wave or masking when they know full well that nothing he tells you actually does make a difference as proven repeatedly by latest studies on safety and efficacy.

So we come to a recent deposition that Fauci gave as part of a lawsuit alleging collusion between the U.S. government and Big Tech with the Aim to censor people.

Historically when brought in front of hearings Fauci has always been like a slippery eel, take Senator Rand Paul's past questions to him in the Senate and struggling to find a mark because of his insane evasiveness and outbursts as if his very existence was at play. And there's my point because I believe he was fighting back hard against truths and cold hard facts that could've seen him serving time, and only because of his associations with globalists which protected him from serving.

His deposition was a rather weighty 7 hr affair full of statements of "I don't recall that" well over a hundred times that showed him taking the stance repeatedly that people must've been pretending to be him in emails that otherwise laid so much guilt at his door.

Emails, photos and mentions of associations with those responsible of permitting grants for gain of function in documents were made by others Fauci stated or that he didn't recognise although much mention was made of evidence dating back a number of years "but because my name is there on the document i guess it is me."

Evidence of NIAID funding of Bat Coronavirus emergence was met with complete mystery, "I was certainly not aware of, well I wouldn't say certainly because who knows what came across my desk." And this from the long time NIAID Director and Biden's Chief Medical Adviser and admitting he doesn't know what his department is doing? At many times Fauci decided to try to break the focus of the questions by stating "I don't know what you're asking me" or his lawyer would call an objection with the statement that "I instruct the witness to not answer on work product grounds", with the object being to seek to muddy the waters.

Documents on the origins of the virus were in great number with mentions by many associates conversing with Fauci although time and time again he claimed he didn't know them, "maybe we met at numerous medical conferences." Fauci ranting and going off on a long winded tangent to confuse the issue didn't go down well under questioning and was admonished to stick to the facts asked "I'll keep my mouth shut and read documents quietly" was another outburst when he wasn't able to control the narrative instead of clearly just answering questions.

Tying in various departments and members of staff to lay blame at others door he even brought in Patrick Valance the U.K's chief medical officer and Jeremy Farrar who's the CEO of the Welcome Trust as those he'd cc'd into emails and phone conversations on the origins of the virus and possible natural evolutions and dissuading those spreading misinformation on social media.

Questions on conversations with Tedros of WHO and what they discussed were again met with "I don't recall" unless backed up by emails that stated clearly the aims and intentions of, clearly a very evasive line by Fauci certainly. "I do not know much about social media or understand it but I've had conversations with Zuckerberg", leading to a lovely comment about his daughter who used to work as an engineer for Twit that was an eye opener in light of Elon Musk's drive now to create a fully open and uncensored platform.

Since the deposition Elon has released startling documents stating further, the collusion between big Tech and government on handling the flow of information so hopefully there are more than a few traps to have ensnared Fauci here.

The introduction of an Emergency Use Authorisation for Hydroxychloroquine by the FDA was a surprise to re-hear as Fauci and many others of his associates had for months, tried their very best to strike out misinformation and disinformation as it was damaging to the narrative being built by the government. "Surprisingly" he stated that he wasn't aware of the EUA being introduced or then being removed later also, more examples of when it suited him, that he'd clearly no recollection of the details but then when faced with the documental proof "oh, then I guess I must've said it or knew about it as my names there".

Over a question on other Drs continuing to use hydroxychloroquine as a viable treatment for covid after seeing strong positive results , Fauci attacked the statement vehemently and went in to a long diatribe about not understanding why Drs would knowingly harm their patients and ending with "I never want to see a patient harmed by an intervention that has no benefit to begin with."

For the last 2 years at the forefront of all this has been a question of safety and efficacy that has day by day been a revealing of truth over the harms being done by the vaccines and absolute worthlessness of them at best in treating, stopping you catching and passing it on to others of the virus but his statement above clearly flies in the face of that.

Another comment about America's Frontline Drs coronavirus statement on the steps of Capitol Hill about the effectiveness of treating covid was challenged by Fauci and his "Community of experts made up of 30-40 of the top infectious disease physicians in the country" he stated, through another tv appearance to which he couldn't recall out of so many he's attended.

On a question about the Great Barrington declaration and it's authors, when being pushed repeatedly on his knowledge of it and it's esteemed authors stating herd immunity is better treating a whole mass of people Fauci comes back with "I was knee deep in things trying to develop a vaccine that wound up saving the lives of millions of people."

Something very evident in all his speeches and statements is that he really loves to hear himself talk and that he feels himself worthy of praise and that people should listen to him with his repeated interruptions evident here.

A "Quick and Devastating" take-down of the GBD was suggested by one of his scholarly colleagues in an email to which he had no idea as to what it could actually mean except a challenge to its effectiveness with a counter argument to challenge its premise but ending with "I don't know all the facts as I have a very important day job that is running a $6.4 Billion Institute.

So, aside from having a very important job taking up all his time he managed to find time to back up and reinforce the "esteemed colleagues in his community" in articles for daily newspapers to further refute and ridicule the GBD herd immunity theory and going against government advice to not speak out. His reasoning that herd immunity is invalid in this instance because "a million deaths we've had in the country, allowing a virus freely to circulate would not fully protect the vulnerable." What we now know is that loved ones deaths in hospital early 2020 were all recorded as covid ones through "testing" although they didn't actually die of it and lethal cocktail protocols were being pushed through to further reduce their chances of survival with the goal being to artificially create a "pandemic" of high deaths cases.

Throughout his answers he repeatedly stated "I was never consulted about censoring social media accounts, I didn't understand them and never used them and have said this many times already. There is a problem with this statement as directly after meeting with various people inc Zuckerberg and Media types it seemed "coincidental" to me that those media posts, statements of disinformation and misinformation inc the GBD were shut down although he claimed to have no direct involvement in those matters.

And so 7 hrs of deposition came to a close for Fauci with so many questions still needing answers but thankfully since then, Elon Musk has continued on his intense drive to release secret Twit files on censorship, shadow banning and the shutting down of anti narrative content and to the lengths that Fauci, FDA, CDC and various government types and partners all played in hiding so much information.

This i hope will be Fauci's great undoing as with lawyers present he has claimed innocence of guilt, but all the people need is for him to lose his usefulness to his globalist friends and since he is now about to retire, maybe that time is near.

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