Danielle’s Last Forty Days

On Friday August 27th, 2021 Danielle and I both walked into the emergency room at Northwel...

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A senior ER story in the USA of 2021: Why you need an advocate

A senior ER story in the USA of 2021 : Why you need an advocate Marie's Reviews about Doct...

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HCA FLORIDA OAK HILL HOSPITAL My husband and I had gotten covid-pneumonia. While I was dow...

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ASCENSION NE WISCONSIN - ST ELIZABETH CAMPUS Grace Schara, a beautiful 19 year old young g...

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Kristin C.’s Story

Ashley lost her fiancé from hospital protocols For years I've told people he's my favorite...

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Siegfried Mueller torture treatment

 My great father's last 12 days of life. He was never diagnosed with covid. But, he w...

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Todd Alder torture

In memory of Todd Alder. He was a mid 50s healthy, happy fiance, father of 2 teenage boys,...

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We lost my wonderful Dad on April 13,2020

Both my parents became sick, and they initially thought it was a stomach bug. My dad was s...

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My Mother was emotionally tortured and murdered by hospital protocol, Remdesivir and a greedy incentivized doctor.

My mother was admitted on December 19, 2021. Doctors and nurses isolated her and bound her...

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Halt Hospital Homicide

I will never trust or forgive our government or healthcare system .  Due to unlawful ...

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Mom was killed by hospital protocols

My mom was murdered by the hospital protocol. The EMS had to take her locally, and we alre...

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Justice for Marsha

My mother went into the hospital for her copd as she has countless of other times. They te...

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A Dad Gone Too Soon!

Dec 23 2021 Dad entered in to the hospital thinking he would receive help. He trusted the ...

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I Promised Mom Justice

My mom, Sylvia Rodriguez was murdered at CHRISTUS TMFH.  One physician noted in her m...

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Drs/nurses assigned to murder my husband, Lester ‘Larry’ Andrews

Ok, Im gonna get real transparent here. My husband was hospitalized at MIMC after his bloo...

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Reagan's Fight For Life!

So, I haven't posted a lot about what happened to cause Reagan, my daughter, to be hospita...

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My son’s protocol death

I miss my son so much. This image was after they narc'd him seven times, administerin...

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Warren Did Not Give His Life, It Was Taken

Warren returned home from a week's vacation in late 2021. He arrived with a sniffy nose wh...

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They Killed My Husband Dave with Remdesivir!

I took Dave to Ashley River Tower ER in Charleston, SC on Sunday, August 29th, 2021. They ...

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Bob Belknap Murdered by Remdesivir + Ventilator Hospital Protocol

9/11/20-10/6/2020 is etched in my mind. For 9 days, my husband Bob gradually suffocated fr...

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Georgette Guccione- A Mom, Grandma, Grandma-Grandma murdered for money

Conway hospital isolated my mom from her family, ignored the family's treatment request, t...

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Brother Told He Had Just Two Weeks To Live

During COVID, my older brother got very ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. Talking ...

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My beloved Father did not have to die this way

Regarding Edward LeGault — pg. 1 of 3 (LETTER TO THE JOINT COMMISSION)Regarding Edward LeG...

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