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Justice for Marsha


My mother went into the hospital for her copd as she has countless of other times. They tested her and started treating her for covid. 

Day two after talking with me my mother told them not to treat her for covid. She only wants to be treated for copd. 

Day 3 the nurse tells her husband as my mother sleeps that she rejected her covid medicine and he said to give it to her. 

She told me after two doses of the Remdesivir that she hoped she didn't die in the hospital. Mind you she goes in a few times a year and has never said such a thing. She knew as soon as it hit her veins in her subconscious. 

After that day the hospital wouldn't give me a voice. Said only her husband (who has life insurance on her) has authority even tho there's no poa. 

Day 5 she went on the ventilator and they started pouring liquid goo down her nose as it was bleeding. She had blood in her throat the entire 9 days on the vent from her trachea being damaged from being vented. 

The day she died after forcing CPR on her when I was begging them to stop blood started pouring and I mean gushing out of her nose. I saw her go in a little sick and not walk out. 

She declined fast from the Remdesivir and all the stuff they gave her on the ventilator. It's clear as 123 she was murdered for money. I can't find a Las Vegas lawyer. 

Please help me get justice for my mother and the countless others who are victims of these criminals causing mass genocide. 

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Tuesday, 23 July 2024