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Why Vote Independent? Breaking Free from Mainstream Party Disillusionment


The deadline for nominations has passed, revealing a significant development: 461 independent candidates across 317 constituencies, along with 26 additional candidates from 14 independent parties. This unprecedented number means there are enough independent candidates to potentially win the election.

A recent poll shows that 48% of voters expect to be dissatisfied with any mainstream party outcome. This dissatisfaction stems from years of unmet promises and party politics overshadowing local needs. By voting for independent MPs, you can break free from this cycle. Independent MPs prioritise the unique concerns of their constituents over party agendas, ensuring your voice is heard and acted upon.

is a powerful tool that can help independent candidates rally together and connect with their electorate. The dedicated strategy group 'GREATER BRITAIN' for independents on Yoursay.social allows candidates to collaborate, share resources, and coordinate their campaigns. They can also create local constituency groups to engage directly with voters, run polls, hold discussions, accept questions, manage and promote events, and even launch fundraising campaigns to complement their existing efforts. By using this platform, independent candidates can maximise their visibility and impact. 

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Tuesday, 23 July 2024