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The Independent Platform: Revolutionising Candidate-Voter Engagement


Yoursay.social is revolutionising how independent candidates connect with voters. With 461 independents running, this platform provides a crucial tool for engagement. 

Independents can have a dedicated campaign page to raise funds, that supports any addition fundraising they do.  

They can also create a local constituency group to communite direct with their electorate. Here they can share news, articles, videos, podcasts, post and other content, and manage political and local community events and lots more. 

The built in video conferencing and live chat tools make it easier to connect and engage with their community, to hold vital Q&A sessions, and run local polls and surveys to discover what their constituents want from them, their key issues and concerns and lots more. This isn't just for the upcoming election, it can be used indefinitely. 

In addition to connecting with their electorate, Independents can unite in their own group with each other, where they can strategise, share resources and support one another. 

This innovative approach ensures that Independents have a platform to air their views to a dedicated audience, build their online profile and influence so that voters can get to know them, and make informed decisions to support candidates who genuinely represent their interests. 

The platform also levels the playing field for independent candidates, allowing them to compete effectively against mainstream party candidates.

If you are an Independent, create your free profile, local constituency group, fundraising campaign and also list your upcoming events today! 


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