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Dr Aseem Malhotra Q&A with Beverley Turner


Dr Malhotra's Q & A with Beverley Turner, Mark Sharman, John Carlisle and Dr Campbell Murdoch.

The theme of the evening was Dr Malhotra's talk "the hijacking of evidence based medicine by big pharma & uncovering covid 19 vaccine data."

The main aim of the evening was presenting Dr Malhotra's piece which seems to be a mainstay of several previous events he's been invited to speak out at and an airing of all or part of Mark Sharman's vaccine injured documentary from a few months ago that apart from being shared widely over social media platforms and reaching almost a million views on YouTube before being banned has largely been ignored unsurprisingly by the mainstream media as it attacks the government narrative on the "safety and efficacy" of covid vaccines.

The last 48 minutes of this meeting was chaotic to say the least with many unhappy people sharing their views and frustrations over questions not answered.

A couple of good points raised were about mentions of the Nuremberg code and how "every 10 points of it were broken in law and should mean prosecutions should ensue on those guilty".

Sadly, this was just one of many that didn't receive a satisfactory answer, much like with Pier's Corbyn's who later spoke out on "abuses of government and vaccinations" but he'd apparently spoken several times already and was quickly side stepped by Beverley much like another member of the audience demanding to have his say as he'd "paid good money, and you will listen" but ended up being heckled and booed.

Dr Murdoch spelled out his time as a Gp and didn't win over the audience with his tale of woe in dealing with the pandemic in that they didn't know anything about what was happening in the world as the information wasn't out there but I think back to laying in my hospital bed in March 2021 and I discovered so much of the horrific injuries and deaths occurring to those who'd had their vaccines. How can a Gp not be aware of patients in his practice being hurt or suffering so many symptoms? The audience was obviously dismissive of his non answers.

An interesting question raised repeatedly about those in the media not revealing what was happening with censorship to not speak out against controls to which Beverley denied was mostly happening apart from offcom changing guidelines on what could be stated freely. Mark Sharman bravely challenged her on this and whilst accepted Offcom's position also spoke of major bbc control involved in shutting down anti narrative and the letters that all in the media warning them from speaking out which he revealed on a recent Ukcolumn episode.

Dr Malhotra answering a question on hydroxychloroquine being a viable treatment but he claimed to have never heard about this during the last year or 2 which I find staggering as it seemed like every man and his dog were talking about it. Did the fact that he was fully onboard with vaccines being a "safe and effective" treatment dissuade him from researching things further and to then be the reason why he then had 2 doses of vaccine? An interesting note was to hear he is also vaccine injured but he has never once in all the talks I've heard him speak has he previously mentioned this, but maybe I have missed this stated previously so I give him the benefit of the doubt. Again the audience didn't react well to this and many demanded that he as a DR apologise for pushing the vaccines heavily on people through his tv appearances.

"Going back in time with the same information I had at the time I'd make the same decisions on recommending vaccines and my having them" and to Beverley's urging that he shouldn't apologise for anything he's done and is incredibly brave for being the trailblazer in all this information coming out went down like a lead balloon sadly.

The audience was stunned at hearing this and to even have no feelings of doubt makes me so angry thinking back to how so many people back then were injured, families left bereaved and untold numbers of people then suffering potential harms in years to come yet no one in the medical community seems to be held responsible.

So to round off the evening a number of other questions were asked which were more of a rant and which included Pier's Corbyn's question too which seemed to stir up the crowd even more, the evening was brought to a close but by then many members of the audience had shown their frustrations and anger at not being heard, by walking out.

Beverley Turner did well to control a very emotionally charged room at times but seemed to think it was the Drs that deserved more of a praise for taking the time to speak for free rather than the audience who'd paid to see Drs explain about the covid vaccines and expand on their actions of the last few years.

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