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“A good death needs three things…” Dr. Luke Evans MP explains THAT conversation

Involuntary euthanasia Deliberate culling of the elderly and vulnerable in NHS hospitals authorised by our Government using Midazolam and Morphine - the worst way to die!

 "I wanted to ensure that palliative services were fully equipped and up to speed," said the GP MP in a letter to one of his Bosworth constituents. "Midazolam, morphine and syringe drivers, amongst other things, are critical to this service." 

This is an echo of what Dr. Luke Evans MP said to former UK health secretary Matt Hancock in a House of Commons conversation on 17th April 2020. He stated: "A good death needs three things… it needs equipment, it needs medication and it needs the staff to administer it." 

Then he asked: "Do you have enough syringe drivers in the NHS to keep people comfortable when they're passing away?" The conversation (which can be found here - https://parliamentlive.tv/Event/index/daf7ede4-1828-4b64-8d83-35e1a38a3b04 ) is a strange one: cold, dispassionate and seemingly scripted and rehearsed. The problem with what Dr. Evans said back then is this: 'a good death' is a well-known and much-used euphemism - in medical circles anyway - for euthanasia (voluntary and involuntary). 

As a doctor, Evans would know this. During this conversation, Evans and Hancock were discussing end of life drugs (Midazolam and morphine specifically) and syringe drivers (used to pump these 'end of life' meds into a person's body). They weren't discussing any kind of medical treatment. Nor were they discussing any kind of cure. Evans was checking with Hancock that there were enough supplies of these medications to give to people presenting with 'Covid' in care homes, hospitals and even in their own houses. Why? 

Dr. Evans would have known that using these drugs together would worsen any respiratory symptoms a patient might be experiencing and that repetitive or constant administration of these drugs would lead to inevitable death. He'd have known that the drugs he mentions were the exact same drugs that were prescribed to end the lives of the people put on the - now abolished - Liverpool Care Pathway, an end of life protocol for the terminally ill, which involved, not only these 'anticipatory' drugs but also the starving and dehydrating the patient. 

It was very clear what Hancock and Evans were talking about during this conversation almost three years ago : they were talking about mercy killings, putting people out of their misery, involuntary euthanasia… or, to sum it up in a single word: murder. This is how they decided to deal with the faux pandemic: to put innocent and often healthy people on 'care' pathways that would ultimately kill them. Then sign off the deaths as Covid deaths to "scare the pants off" the public. 

If Evans ever tries to argue that he was not referring to euthanasia and that by 'a good death' he meant 'a comfortable passing', he'll easily lose. If his true aim was to help people die in a comfortable manner, he most definitely wouldn't be thinking about prescribing drugs which were banned from being used in Death Row executions in several states in the US because their use was said to constitute 'prolonged torture.' Killing a human being with these drugs is barbaric and inhumane. 

It's NOT a good death: in fact, it's just about as far from a good death as you can get. People who had experience of almost dying under the influence of this horrendous concoction of medications claim that it's a process of slow suffocation; that it's like being waterboarded; like a long drawn-out drowning. Evans would also know that hastening a person's death, for whatever reason, is illegal in the UK. 

And that's exactly what these drugs, used concomitantly, do. Delivered via syringe driver over a period of time (the average time from the setting up of the syringe driver to death being 29 hours), this killer combination of breath-depressing drugs can only end in death. One of Evans' constituents wrote to him in November 2022, asking questions about why the government had taken such a drastic, shocking and unlawful approach. She received a reply on 13th December 2022. In the letter from Dr. Evans, referring to the House of Commons exchange, he mentions how, back in April 2020, when the discourse was filmed, "not a lot was known about Covid-19". 

Is that a good enough reason to execute anyone deemed to have it? He states that, as a doctor and GP, he's helped care for many dying people and that palliative care is imperative. He's right - looking after the dying in the best way possible is important - but palliative care should never involve actively killing people. The implementation of Covid protocol NG163 was underway at this point. 

Both Evans and Hancock knew exactly what that entailed: plying people with benzodiazepines and opioids until they died. There's evidence aplenty now that thousands of people died because of NG163 (later updated and re-named NG191), many of them never having tested positive for any kind of deadly disease. Some of those who died because of this protocol were just old and frail; others had chest or urine infections or other curable ailments; many had gone to hospital because of a heart problem, a kidney infection, a fall, a broken bone and some, from December 2020, from a jab reaction. 

With blanket Do No Resuscitate orders (DNRs) in place on the files of all care home residents and anyone over 60 admitted into hospital and with no visitors allowed, patients and residents were at the mercy of medics implementing a protocol that many of them knew was wrong. In the letter to his constituent, Evans provides links to the original talk at the House of Commons (see above) and to articles on palliative care and Midazolam. 

Amusingly, he also provides a Full Fact article which attempts - and fails - to debunk a video David Icke made on the subject. https://fullfact.org/online/david-icke-midazolam/ In conclusion, the letter seems to predictably gloss over the important issue of euthanasia with Evans referring to the obvious culling as 'palliative care'. He can deny that euthanasia is happening and that the Liverpool Care Pathway - which was abolished in 2014 - is still being used in all but name; but facts are facts, evidence is evidence and the truth has a habit of coming out. 

After almost three years of searching, many relatives of the innocent people who died because of unlawful protocols are now in possession of incontrovertible proof that their loved ones were the victims of democide - death by government policy - and many are taking this evidence to court. Once the first case is won, there will be an avalanche of new cases. And when people realise what the real cause of all those hospital and care home deaths was, letters from the House of Commons will do nothing to save the MPs who've been complicit in one of history's most heinous crimes against humanity. 

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