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Esther McVey MP speaks in a debate on the Vaccine Damage Payments Bill on the 20 October 2023

By YourSay in COVID & Vaccines 302 views 26th Oct, 2023 Video Duration: N/A

Thank you, Mr. Deputy Speaker. I too want to thank my honorable friend for Christ Church for bringing this bill here today, for the work that's gone into it, the research, and the people he's reached out to. At the tail end of his speech, he talked about the phrase "safe and effective," and I'd like to pick up on that phrase and start my speech from there. The phrase "safe and effective" became the co-vaccine catchphrase, repeated many times over the last couple of years in government communications, interviews with experts, and across the media. To ever then ask questions about the co-vaccine became very difficult to do.

However, when discussing the co-vaccine, we no longer appeared to be dealing with science but rather the science itself. To question the science was to risk being labeled a co-idiot or a vaccine skeptic. People who just wanted to query this new vaccine were closed down and vilified. My point is that if we allow language to be corrupted in this way and definitions of words to be bent out of shape, we lack the tools for nuanced debate.

We have not had anything like a wide and open debate on the topic of the Covid-19 vaccines about their safety and efficacy. The word "safe" is absolute, meaning free from harm or risk of any kind. Yet, the Covid-19 vaccines, like all medical interventions, are not 100% free from risk or danger. Both Pfizer and AstraZeneca were found to have misled the public by erroneously describing them as safe in press releases and on social media without qualification.

In Florida, the state Surgeon General recommended against males aged 18-39 from receiving mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, raising questions about the evidence. The UK's regulatory system, the Yellow Card system, needs reform as it is not good enough at spotting trends in practice and outcomes that give rise to safety concerns.

The government repeatedly told the public that Covid vaccines were safe, and for many, they were. But people have suffered as a result, and the victims and their families have been marginalized and stigmatized for sharing their symptoms and vaccine injuries. It's time for transparency and integrity. We must be honest with the public about the safety of these vaccines and look after those who have been damaged. We may then begin to restore faith in the authorities responsible for protecting and promoting public health, and I'm delighted to be supporting my honorable friend from Christ Church's bill today.

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Comments (2)
  • About time more spoke out. Notice the date is same as when Andrew Bridgen did his on excess deaths 20/10/2023
  • Great to see someone else speaking out about this. Well done Estha!

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