Involuntary Euthanasia in Hospitals and Care Homes

If your family member was a victim of involuntary euthanasia at the hands of a hospital or care home in the UK, US or anywhere else then please take this survey. 

With your help we can start to answer some of the questions around this issue such as just how many people had their lives ended in this way. Sadly, many people may not even be aware that their loved ones were put on this end-of-life pathway. Many more will be going through this right now, or sometime in the near future as our governments are still continuing to order the end-of-life drugs. 

In the UK there was a lot of controversy over what was known as The Liverpool Care Pathway where people were being euthanised without the consent of the patient or their family. This went on for nearly 2 decades and was supposed to be abolished in 2014.

It never went away. It was renamed to protocols NG163 and NG191 (there may be others). These protocols used a combination of Midazolam or Remdesivir along with Morphine with one outcome: to end life prematurely. In many cases this is a slow and painful death.

Midazolam was one of the drugs used for death row patients in the US. It was banned after it was discovered to be one of the most inhumane ways to die as caused a lot of suffering in the victims (described as being akin to the feeling of drowning but sustained over a long period). See this article regarding the banning of Midazolam on death row


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