COVID Vaccine Impact

If you or someone you know has had one or more COVID vaccines then please take this survey. 

With your help we can start to answer some of the questions around whether the vaccines worked or not. There are so many horror stories from people who have been vaccine injured and even died suddenly. There are doctors reporting rises in vaccine related injuries, cancers, heart problems and so on. There are higher than normal death rates across the world, and even reports in some countries of hospitals administering involuntary euthansia to the elderly and sick without the patient or their faminy's concent. With so much conflicting  news being circulated it would be good to hear what is actually going on - direct from the public themselves. 

If you take the survey without registering your responses will be anonymous and displayed as Guest. If you are registered/logged in when taking the survey your username is captured. The Consolidated Survey Report will be displayed once you have completed the survey.

Once you have taken the survey (if anonimity was preferred) we'd encourage you to join YourSay to engage with others who have been through the same. 

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