COVID Vaccine Survey

If you or a loved one have had one or more COVID vaccines and suffered adverse side effects, long term harm or death (in the case of a loved one) then please take this survey. If you are unvaccinated, please also take the survey as this will provide deeper insights. With your help we can start to answer some of the questions around the effectiveness of the vaccines and their impact on society as a whole. 


Reports of vaccine harm, heart conditions, strokes, turbo cancers and sudden deaths are making headlines on a daily basis. Doctors are witnessing a surge in these conditions on a scale not seen before. This couple with the excess deaths that our Governments will not talk about is a serious cause for concern. We need to get to the truth. With your help we will be able to establish the true scale of impact and harm. 

If you take the survey without registering your responses will be anonymous and displayed as Guest. If you are registered/logged in when taking the survey your username is captured. The Consolidated Survey Report will be displayed once you have completed the survey.

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