My uncle was injured after his second shot and died after his 3rd

I thought the world of my uncle. He was in really good health for his age. He had lost his wife when she was just 60 (a very youthful, trendy 60 year old). He spent Covid pandemic largely isolated because he was over 70.  In June 2021 he had his second shot. A few days later he was experiencing heart problems. He ended up having a pacemaker fi...

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Injuries after vaccine

    • Stroke
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Wife Pauline, 4 shots diagnosed with cancer and dead within weeks

Wife got cancer after 3rd and died weeks later

My wife was only 52 and leaves behind 2 wonderful daughters and a son. She was always very active, we were as a family. She worked in a care home so was forced to have the vaccines or would have lost her job.  She had a funny turn after her 3rd jab with some nerve dammage in her arm and left leg. In April she got her 4th jab and was off work f...

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Current List Of World Economic Forum Members

The spreadsheet below contains a list of current World Economic Forum Graduates. It has been compiled by Dr Robert Malone and his team.  We were shocked to see some of the names on this including members of government, Ivanka Trump, Richard Branson and many others! The spreadsheet contains 3 lists an introduction, the main list with confirmed ...

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Links to publicly available articles relating to Lloyds Group Fraud

For further information please read the following report by William May. You can visit their website here to find out more about their mission:  Or click on the link below to view the actual report. LLOYDS BANKING GROUP ASSET THEFT FRAUDS Explains in detail what this fraud involves. ...

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Current Partners of The World Economic Forum

Current Partners

NAME360 DigiTech WEF Profile Page 58 Daojia A.P. Moller-Maersk AARP ABB https://w...

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List of doctors who are speaking out about Covid Vaccines

The following is a list of doctors who are trying to bring the truth to the public at a great cost to themselves.  They have/are being censored, ridiculed and called conspiracy theorists when in fact they are trying to help us and save lives. You will need to use search engines and platforms such as Duck Duck Go, Telegram, Bitchute, ...

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Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill

Vaccine damage bill

Require the Secretary of State to establish an independent review of disablement caused by Covid-19 vaccinations and the adequacy of the compensation offered to persons so disabled; and for connected purposes. vid-19 BE IT ENACTED by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and...

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COVID Pandemic : Pfizer accused of ‘bullying’ Latin American countries during vaccine negotiations

Accused of bullying during Covid-19 vaccine negotiations

Latin American countries have accused Pfizer of 'high-level bullying' during Covid-19 vaccine negotiations, according to a report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism published in partnership with STAT. Latin American countries have accused Pfizer of 'high-level bullying' during Covid-19 vaccine negotiations, according to a report by the Burea...

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US Health Officials claim Pfizer COVID jab is safe for children aged five to 11

Reportedly safe for children aged 5 - 11

The vaccine reportedly causes mostly mild side effects in young children Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE's Covid-19 vaccine caused mostly mild side effects in children aged 5 to 11 years, according to data published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday. The data showed that after the second dose of the vaccine some children r...

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